Harry Potter Charms

I got the most amazing package in the mail this week – chock full of scrapping yumminess. Sadly, I have used almost all of it within 24 hours and feel like I must go back and get some more. You might remember those stunning Harry Potter themed charms I used on my Newsletter layouts last December – the Snitch and the Winged Keys. Pat – the lovely woman from ebay I got them from gave me a heads-up on her new charm shipment and oh my – they are just fantastic.

She will be listing them when she can in her store here – but you can get a sneak peek at most of them in this post. I have a few more yet to use and will put them up on my blog when I do, but I need more Harry Potter paper from Mary before I can do that – I’ve used up almost all my entire stash of it.

The mini in full will be posted up on the Creative Imaginations blog in the next day or so (how exciting is that??) – but at some point I will get to posting it here too. You might remember me mentioning that the layout for DS1 transformed itself into a mini album – I didn’t get it done in time for his 19th – but it is nearly complete now. It would be complete if he didn’t keep coming out with “oh – and I found this too – can you take a photo of it?”

The poor thing has so many charms on it now that it jingles when you move it. Anyway – although not all the charms come from Pat (some are Harry Potter collectible merchandise – eg from bookmarks and keyrings), almost all the silver ones do. So let’s look at her wonderful charms.

Isn’t he an adorable little Hedwig?

This castle works well as Hogwarts. It would be just as nice on a princesss layout as well.

A stag’s head charm for Harry’s Petronus.

This little white owl is just adorable – I wuvs him to bits.

Scabbers the rat and Hermione’s cat Crookshanks – though I used my charm as Mrs Norris – so I reckon it could be either.

This is a clever idea for a charm – it’s Neville’s Rememberall. It’s brass rather than silver – and just the perfect addition to your Harry Potter layout.

A cool Gryffindor House charm – with the sword and Gryffin to represent the House and beads in the House colours. Very cool. There is one for Slytherin too that I stupidly did not get – next time…

Aragog – so much nicer at this size and much less scary. Oops – just realised he is upside down – check him out in the photo below to see him right side up.

She also has the following – I have yet to use some of them so you will see them when I do (but I used my own dragon).

Goblet of Fire
Basilisk – snake
Dragon – I used my own
Werewolf – Remus (doubles up as a Twilight charm too)
Unicorn – a magical animal (one was killed in one of the books)

Now if I could just get a Cornish Pixie charm for Madame I could die happy. Lol.

Here are a couple of images of these new charms by themselves.

Don’t forget that these are just the additional charms to the original Snitch and Winged Key that I showed you last time.

I can highly recommend Pat. She is a great ebay seller with a 100% feedback rating. Her jewellery and charms are stunning and they are shipped very safely. She can certainly count on me being a repeat customer. I’ll have to be – I done used up all the ones she just sent me. Lol.


2 Responses

  1. WOW they are awesome charms! PML at the jingling of the them when it moves!!!!
    Will get over to the CI blog to check it out in full … looks fab from the sneak peaks

  2. Gorgeous !!!!! love the charms & like things that jingle LOL

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