Prep mini album – inside cover (Crate Paper – Brook)

So I thought I would finally show you one of the pages from Madame’s Prep Album. I think it is taking as long to plan out this mini album as it took her to get through Prep. Collecting all the photos from the Prep Teacher was a task in itself (but thanks so much to her for letting me have them) – trying to organise them into a logical order has been a nightmare. The camera date was wrong (by several years) and there is no order to them at all – so this has been a very frustrating exercise in patience. Something I don’t have much of.

Anyway – the range I am using is the Crate Paper Brook collection – the colours match the school colours and I love the flowers and other oddments they have in the patterns. Very funky. There are heaps of embellishments too, which is great – as I don’t want to have to do too much myself to decorate it, just doing it is enough of a task in itself.

I need to plan out each page in detail, as each album (4 – one for each term) has to be able to include all the photos taken and all that she learnt during that term. And there are so many things – a letter of the week, a word of the week, maths activities, special activities, reading, cooking – I am amazed at how much she did. Trying to include all that on 10 double pages is challenging – so I am looking to include strategies that allow for multiple photos and LOTS of little bits here and there on the page.

Anyway – the first one is done. This is the inside front cover, which has the photos we took at home on the first day of Prep. I’ve cut up a lot of the stickers so that they fit onto the smaller mini album page – the bonus to that is I get to use them more efficiently, as there are more ‘bits’ to use. Love the grin on my little Poppet’s face – she was so excited to ‘finally’ be going to big school. (And over a year later she still loves it all.)

The library pocket you can see there is by Kaiser – one of their 2011 release ranges (the school one – can’t remember the name). The chipboard corkboard pin and paper clip is by ScrapFX. Love their stuff – it used to be everywhere, but not many places seem to stock it now – and I have to admit it is a little pricy compared to some of the other chipboard companies – but still, some yummy stuff.

To include the extra photos on this page I made a little card to pop onto the page – the front has the photo and some embellishments on it. The card opening sits just under the edge of the paper clip, which you have to push to one side to allow it to open up. Inside are a couple more photos and some more journalling.

Buggar – it wasn’t until I came to write this up that I realised that the charm on the tag was hidden. I have a stash of cute little silver charms to use on this mini (all from Tracy at my2angels of course) and the little bee here is one of them. So here is a shot of the tag (sorry it is blurry, I took this at night when I made it) with the little bee. I won’t be showing some of the journalling on this mini on my blog, as it gives personal details I don’t normally include here – so the tag is not written on. It pops neatly into the library pocket though and will give details as to her class, teacher’s name and the name of her school.

It feels good to have the first page done – now to move onto the rest. Sigh.

I’m still working on the class kit layout for Mary – but there will be some sneak peeks on it later in the week. It’s meant for Mother’s Day next month and is a pretty feminine layout using the gorgeous Kaiser Chanteuse range. There are also a few other things I am working on, so hopefully there will be something else I can post up this week as well. I have only one little thing to do to finish off the cover of this album, so it might even make up it too.


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  1. Gorgeous…. a lot of work & a lovely lot of memories to have forever !!

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