Bo Bunny TimePiece Newsletter Layout 3

For the last Timepiece layout – Facing the Future – I used my other ‘must have’ paper from the range. Dot has a huge amount of spare space on it begging to be filled in with something else. The neutral beige colour also provides the perfect contrast for the vibrant red and rich chocolate brown of some of the other papers.

I used a large piece of the yummy Stripe paper to fill in most of the design gap. Using a very dark brown thread, I stitched a border to help ‘frame in’ the rest of the layout. Then, using a Crafters Workshop template I cut out a section of the Gears paper and matted that with the reverse of the Unlocked paper (using the same template).  Another section of the wonderful Moments paper and the basis for my layout was done.


In cutting out the Gears template I left the watches at the bottom, rather than cut through them. This leaves them as a feature across the bottom of the page. I did eventually cut out the smallest watch and mount that onto some pop dots for dimension, but this was more to do with changing the angle it was on to better suit my layout than anything else.

 In the close-up, you can see I have tucked the edge of the photo under the watch. When you have a few layers to your layout, it helps to tie it all together if some of the layers tuck back under others – giving the design an integrated look.

The alphas were just some older ones I had lying about in my stash. To get the finish on them, I inked them with a Beige chalk ink and then applied some Kindyglitz and my heat gun until it all melted into a globular mess. The beige is now a golden colour with a hint of shimmer and only the odd sparkle here and there. It’s the type of subdued glimmer that looks ok on a male layout and which works with a grunge look.

The journalling was printed onto some transparency and then glued onto the white space section of the die cut paper. Having this space here for my journalling was the point to using the Gears paper as my die cut – otherwise it would have been just as easy to totally cut out the watch faces and pop them on by themselves.

One of the most useful papers in any Bo Bunny range is the Cut Outs paper. You can use them as a decorative element, a title or an embellishment. I’ve used one of the sayings/quotes/statements blocks to add in some pithy words of wisdom (you can’t have too many for the average teen page) and as a design element that allows me to hide the fact that I cut up the Twiddleybitz Gears Border chipboard piece.

It’s matted on a little of the leftover reverse of the Unlocked paper to give it a little extra pop and then mounted on pop dots to give me space to hide the cut ends of the cogs. It also hides the fact that I cut up the transparent cover of the Journal Pad and put that above and also below it.


The cogs are inked with several colours (a brown and a reddish brown) and then thickly coated with Walnut Stain Distress Stickle, which was helped to dry with my heat gun. This finish has a lovely texture and it looks rusty and grungy, even though it is glossy.

In this close-up you can see the cover of the Journal Pad and the rest of the cogs. Bo Bunny have increased the number of designs in this pad (and reduced the number of copies) and it is great value for money. Some of the designs are more decorative and others are obviously meant for journalling, but all of them are useful additions to a layout.


The design tip for this newsletter was a step-by-step of this layout, with an insight into how to use patterned papers for a layered page. Check out the Tips section of the Forum for my explanation of why and how I put this page together. For those interested in photography, I will also be putting in an article on some tips for taking teen photos and editing them using actions in Photoshop. The photos of my eldest son were altered using some free actions I found on the internet and I chose to give them a moody, grungy feel that I thought suited the paper range (and colours). I know they won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it’s nice to know you have options if you want them.

Some patterned paper ranges are timeless classics – able to be used again and again and for a wide range of concepts. Forget McCains – it is Bo Bunny who have yet again “done it again”. Timepiece is a must have collection, as suited to masculine layouts as it is to girly ones and absolutely perfect for family or generational photos. The last year or so has really seen this company produce some of the best scrapping ranges out there and you will not be disappointed with Timepiece.  Mary still has good stocks of most papers – so check them out in the store.


Bo Bunny Ad Lib mini album (Challenge 4)

I’m not sure why I got this paper range. I think it was because I saw a couple of layouts done using it and was blown away by the funky look of them. So not my style and yet so wanting to do one just like theirs. So just in case I ever did, I bought some from Tracy when she had a paper sale. Thankfully – I hadn’t done anything with them when week 4 of the comp came around. We needed to make a mini album and I sooooo suck at doing OTP.

My problem with scrapping is that I only do what I can justify doing. No pages on the contents of my handbag (aside from the difficulties of having to find it – since I tend not to use one if I can get away with it) – I mean that bores me let alone anyone else looking at my layout of it; no scrapping my love of coffee (or not as the case may be since I don’t drink that either) and no pages of me taking photos of me taking photos… And this also tends to mean OTP in a big way. Don’t get me wrong – I sincerely admire and adore the wonderful creations that some people make. I am gobsmacked at their creativity – but my first thought is often “and where the hell are you going to put that?”, closely followed by “hmmm – not dusting that every week.” Ok – there is also a little “you spent how much in stash making that?” in there as well too.

Mini albums have become my one exception – and only because I got hooked on the lovelies I found on youtube. Sigh – have you ever seen what they do on there? To die for some of them. Anyway – wanting to “do one just like theirs” – I have managed to do the odd one here and there. But I need a theme for it – I can’t just do one for the sake of doing one (ok – I have to guiltily admit that this resolve is in serious threat of going under – some of what I have seen lately is soooo suited to a mini that you almost have to do one just to do the papers justice.) Sigh.

The last mini I did (the Harry Potter one) took a week of solid work – and there are still pages to put in there since the buggar has found more of his collection for me to do). For the competition we needed 10 pages (cover front and back and 4 two-sided pages inside) as a minimum. As luck would have it I had just taken some photos of DS1 to play with in Photoshop and had used a new free action I found to create some very funky, grungy teen photos – and they were just perfect to use with the Ad Lib range.

So for the comp – and for Tracy – and for DS1 – here is my mini.

The challenge requirements specified that the mini had to be made from scratch – no pre-mades at all. Mine has a thin cardboard as a base and over that I put the patterned papers.  The red base of the covers comes from the reverse side of Improv (oos) and the grid pattern you see there is actually the Die Cut – trimmed down, cut in half and popped up on pot dots.  The cute little punched border at the bottom is from a piece of Vertigo.

The chipboard frame I used under the title is the Retro Circle frame from Scrapping Outback (oos at the moment) and this was a pain in the butt to do. It has been painted (a challenge requirement) with 5 different colours – a painstaking and loooooong process (not sure how many episodes of Lie to Me I got through whilst doing it – but there were several). It looks way cool when finished though and I am very pleased I did it that way now. Under the chipboard frame is a circular section from the Cut Outs (oos) paper. It was an awesome match for the circle frame. The chipboard Journal title is also from Scrapping Outback, but the ‘L I F E’ letters are from my2angels and are Prima Linen Textured White alphas (oos)  that I coloured with the paints used on the frame.

I made a little tag to go on the rings holding the album together. One side has a rubon ‘This is ME’ and a punched out flower from one of the Ad Lib papers and the side you see has the word ‘life’ cut out from the Verbiage paper over one of the small blocks from the This N That paper. It’s held to the jump ring with a Ball and Chain I got from my2angels. I need to find the green and brown version of the ribbons on the rings – I love these ones – they are sparkly and shimmery and very bright colours.

The inside front cover has the face side of the Improv paper and I think I cleaned poor Tracy out of them – I needed 4 of them to do the covers. I’ve used one of the word stickers from the 12 x 12 Combo Stickers sheet (oos) and also punched out a few flowers using my Retro Flower Punch. Although it is fine how it is I think – the plan is for DS1 to write something to be put here later (when I manage to torture it out of him).

The smaller pages have been included to separate out the pages with photos and to add additional space for journalling or other thought-provoking, subtle parental advice/comments for teens. This one uses the blue reverse side of Wild Thing with a section from the Cut Outs paper (oos). Using some Orange and White Baker’s Twine wrapped around the page, I attached a Silver Guitar charm to the tag. All of the twine and charms in the album come from Tracy at my2angels.

Here is a close up of the smaller page.

The reverse side of the tag has more stickers and punched flowers over the Improv paper – I tried to make each side of the smaller pages match in with the larger pages they were next to – so the embellishments on this one match the inside cover.

This page uses the pale blue reverse side of the Stripe paper (oos). The pattern on many of the reverse sides is a coloured ledger paper – very handy to use. Embellishing the page is a combination of stickers from the 12 x 12 Combo Stickers sheet (oos); strips from the Cut Outs paper (oos) and a bit of the This N That paper. Some are flat on the page and others are up on pop dots for dimension.

I’ve matted all the photos on black cardstock for uniformity. In mini albums I like to keep some things constant and presentation of the photos is one of them. They’ve all been done with the same Photoshop actions to keep the ‘style’ of the photos constant too.

The Imagine chipboard word is also from Scrapping Outback. It has just been inked with Versamagic Jumbo Java ink – as has the banner chippy, the pennants of which are scraps of the reverse side of Improv (oos) with a white Gel Pen border and a coat of Dimensional Magic.

I actually bought this chippy word for Madame and a layout I want to do for her and her love of the Katy Perry song of the same title.  Still – it fitted here and Scrapping Outback had more of them – so I used it. The embellishments for this page came from tracing the starburst pattern from various Ad Lib papers and then stitching the design onto the orange reverse of the This N That paper used as a base for this page. At the ends of the starbursts (which look just like fireworks) I popped some Kaiser Rhinestones in appropriate colours.

The chippy was inked (can’t remember the colour but I suspect Jumbo Java) and then given a heavy coat of Kindyglitz and heat gunned within an inch of its life.  This turns the Kindyglitz into a frosty rainbow of sparkles – which sadly, is hard to pick up in the photos. I added some additional Kindyglitz to the stars afterwards to keep them super sparkly.

On this little mini page I put some of the words from the song – printed out onto a transparency sheet – and then glued to another spare bit of the gorgeous Improv paper.

This side is the red reverse side of the Improv paper (oos) with one of the word bubbles from the Ad Lib paper. There is a huge variety of useful word bubbles and they make great little tags like this one. I’ve just popped it up onto a pop dot over a bit of reverse side of the Stripe paper.

I’ve embellished it with another Retro punch flower and a spare button from my stash. Tied to the button with more Baker’s Twine (yellow and white this time) is a silver Camera Charm.

Opposite this page, you can see a mini page I made out of one of the Cut Outs (oos) panels. It was perfect as it was – nothing needed to be added.

This is the other side of the mini page with another Cut Outs (oos) panel with space for more journalling.

This page has the Stripe paper for a base and again has an assortment of stickers (12 x 12 Combo Stickers (oos) and Life’s Good Stickers) and bits and pieces cut out from the Cut Outs paper; Improv paper (oos); Pebbles paper and This N That paper. The only additional embellishments are a Black Resin Flower from my2angels and a small Retro punch flower.

The base for this page is the Vertigo paper (oos), with yet again a random selection of  – mostly – stickers (12 x 12 Combo Stickers (oos) and Life’s Good Stickers) and a bit cut from the This N That paper. Tied through one of the stickers with more Baker’s Twine (blue and white this time) is a silver LOVE Charm and there are a couple more Retro punched flowers I had a lot of fun with my Retro Flower punch – I remember it on odd occasions and use it. When I started scrapping, many years ago now, it was very much the ‘hot’ embellishment.

This mini page uses a sticker from the Life’s Good Stickers as the main feature, over more of the Improv paper. The small phrase sticker above it is from the 12 x 12 Combo Stickers sheet (oos). I used my Fiskars Threading Water Punch just the once for an interesting look and wove some Orange and White Baker’s Twine through the holes. The stitched ric rac at the bottom will bring back memories for Tracy – who used to attend classes with me at the scrapping store we both used to buy it from. The round embellishment over the ric rac is punched out from the This N That paper.

This is intended as another journalling page. I’ve used a bit of the Improv paper as the journalling space. It’s over a bit of the green reverse side of the Hoopla paper. The two phrase stickers are again from the 12 x 12 Combo Stickers sheet (oos).  The twine holds one of the silver Made with Love Heart charms on.

I love the bright yellow of this paper – it’s the reverse of Pebbles – so bright and cheerful. I desperately wanted to use the wording on the Cut Outs panel (oos) – but the only way to do this was to make the photo smaller than all the others. So this is the only photo in the album that is not the same size as the others – it bugs me – but not enough to make me change the page design.

The two phrase stickers are again from the 12 x 12 Combo Stickers sheet (oos) but the square panel is from the Life’s Good Stickers sheet. The rubon is a Kaiser one – one of the black theme sets. Off the top of my head I can’t remember which one – but I love them. The quotes are very good at a little back-handed parental encouragement. DS1 knows exactly what I mean by this quote and why I would include it here. Lol – poor boy – nothing like a  little public kick-up-the-backside from Mum.

A few more punched out flowers, twine and a Silver Bee charm from my2angels completes the page.

This page uses the the green reverse side of the Hoopla paper again as the base paper. There is also another Kaiser rubon quote.  For embellishment I punched a section of the Vertigo (oos) paper using my Fiskars Bracket Punch. It looks funky because I mis-aligned the punch pattern between the top and bottom edges. It takes a bit of looking to work out what is different – and I really like the funky effect it gives. A sticker strip from the 12 x 12 Combo Stickers sheet (oos) provides some interest in the middle of the punched strip – with some circle blocks from the Cut Outs paper (oos) and a flower from the  This N That paper ending off the embellishment cluster.

With 4 sheets of the Improv paper (oos), I had a lot of  ‘leftover bits’ to use. This is another journalling mini page. Using a combination of stickers from the 12 x 12 Combo Stickers sheet (oos) and the Life’s Good Stickers sheet, I am asking DS1 to journal “happiness is when” for one instance in his life this year. The flowers have been cut out of the Wild Thing paper and put up on pop dots.

On the other side, the green base paper comes from the reverse side of the Verbiage paper. The main statement is yet another sticker from the 12 x 12 Combo Stickers sheet (oos) finished off with a bit of punched out Vertigo Paper (oos). As you can see, I have again tried to make the embellishments on this page match the larger photo page it sits over. More stickers from the 12 x 12 Combo Stickers sheet (oos) are mixed with circle bits from the Cut Outs sheet (oos) and flowers from the  This N That paper . I’ve wound another bit of twine in and around the embellishments just for something different and added in one final Kaiser rubon quote.

The inside back cover is another piece of the face side of the Improv paper (oos) with space for journalling.

The back cover of the album is a mirror of the front cover. Rather than anything fancy on it – I like to keep my back covers flat  – I’ve just popped on a couple more stickers from the the 12 x 12 Combo Stickers sheet (oos) and the Life’s Good Stickers sheet. The monthly date strips are part of the Cut Outs sheet (oos).

So finally – other than journalling from said son – the album is finished. Oh – and my missing couple of ribbons. A labour of love – but I am sooo happy with the end product – as is DS1 (other than having to produce journalling for it lol).

I do laugh at people who tell me that it is so much easier to do mini’s – the pages are so small it therefore takes less time. Sadly for me I have to treat them like a 12 x 12 and design the whole page – often the fact they are small means I have to try creative ways to get all I want on the page. I am loving the ones I do though, despite the week of my life at a time that they take. 🙂

There were some lovely and amazing mini’s done for the competition. Obviously I was not the only one spending all my days and nights working on one. I was surprised and humbled then, to make 2nd place for this one – thanks ladies for the votes.

Bo Bunny TimePiece Newsletter Layout 2

My second Timepiece layout  – Simple Moments – also uses the Moments paper. This time, however, a lot of those gorgeous designs were left off it, as I cut it into a circular shape for the centre of a die cut page. The actual base for the die cut is Unlocked (feature side) which has had the scallop edges inked and a stitched circle added slightly inside the base of the scallops.

 Although not much of the design remains on the Moments paper, what is there is left to show and the gaps are filled in with embellishments, the photo and other papers. 


This layout features the embellishments of the range much more than the previous layout. Who could ignore these gorgeous fabric blossoms? They are lovely and soft and oh so perfect. The beige one is looser than the red one – and I found that I worried a little about it falling apart (it didn’t) and it needed a little more poking around to put into place how I wanted it to be. The hourglass is fussy cut from one of the sheets from the Journal Pad, whilst the title tag next to it comes from the 12 x 12 Sticker sheet, matted onto a frame from the Cut Outs paper. I’ve matted that again, onto another of the sheets from the Journal Pad, and put a key from the Dimensional Stickers onto the top of it all. To finish, I popped one of the sweet little Trinkets under the flowers and the ‘Dad’ circle is off one of the Sticker sheets.


 You can pop those little watch faces anywhere. This one is tucked under the paper (and photo) and I’ve ripped the top paper layer back a little and curled it under so you can see the watch face better. Another rhinestone for the centre of the hands gives a sparkly touch to it.


 The only real piece of patterned paper added to the base layer is this strip of the reverse side of Cogs and the tiny punch piece of Stripe. What looks like patterned paper above it and to the right of the photo is actually the cardboard insert to one of the embellishment packs (they all have it – but I think this one specifically came from the Jewels pack). Love it when the packaging looks just as good as the patterned paper. And of course there are the fussy cut watches from Tick Tock to finish off.


 Loving how this range can be both masculine and feminine. I think I could scrap endlessly with it – just need the photos. Lol. Next up is the Ad Lib mini – just waiting for Tracy to upload it to her blog this weekend.

MSR Challenge 5

For the 5th week of the competition we had to follow a Sketch – it was a little more specific than the usual Sketch, more like a Blind Crop – but since I so suck at these anyway, the extra directions didn’t matter. Rachelle gave us a gorgeous layout design to follow and the hints we had of her layout (we did not see the full layout until after our own was done) were just stunning – but for me, this was the hardest week of the comp. I hate following other people’s design directions for my layouts – usually I like most of it or some of it, but never all of it. That’s why I don’t do Sketch comp’s or sites or use them (as in other people’s) in my own work.

Anyway – we followed her directions and this is what I produced (on either side of going to Melbourne for 4 days).

It’s a very Rach M design – bright and cheerful; multi photos; doodling; the mini letters; some funky treatment of the title chippy; and painting/stamping somewhere. I love the fresh feel to it and it really suits the white space – which would normally have me freaking out (and did – really did – whilst I was doing it).

Get a load of this gorgeous title – after colouring the chipboard with several matching shades (orange and yellow) it has been backed onto some patterned paper and then inked around with black marker pen. This gives a ‘shadow’ effect to the title – which is very effective.

I’m a little disappointed with my sun stamps – and this is despite the fact I had to search Australia wide to get them. I didn’t get the kits for the competition and of course decided that I HAD to have the $1.95 stamp for this week’s challenge. Do you think I could get it anywhere?? No – mine had to come express post from WA (thank you Anna). It’s not the stamp itself that is disappointing – but I must have a little water splash or two on my Stazon ink pad and the part of the stamp that was inked on that part of the pad bled slightly. Very annoying – crisp and clear in most parts of the stamp and blurry in others.

Colouring them in with water colour pencils was fun though – forgotten how much I love my Water Brushes. Must do it again sometime when I have a range that suits this approach. Speaking of ranges – this is by Imaginisce – and is called Berrylicious. It’s very funky and I rather like it – I got some of the other papers so  I could do something with them at some point in time.

We had to make our own leaves from the patterned paper and use a specific number of flowers. I used the ones in the one kit I did get – the embellishments kit – which had these Kaiser blooms in it. The chippy tag is from the Berrylicious range.

Admire the doodled border that was also a challenge criteria. I doodle rarely – so this is it for this decade I think. Lol – I know how much Rach doodles and I was not looking forward to her challenge for this very reason – but she let us off lightly with only a border required – and even I could manage that one (I think).

We had to use these mini letters as part of the challenge as well – so rather than journal on mine I chose an Irish saying that I thought fitted the photos rather well – and matched the embellishments very well – and put that on instead. I rather wish I had had room for the whole saying, as it goes on to wish the recipient blue skies and rainbows – which would have been perfect with the little sun and rainbow cut outs we had to include as well.

I was lucky enough to get voted 3rd place for this layout for the week. Hard to judge the differences in a sketch challenge I think – so I am very pleased with that.

I rather miss the comp now that it is over. I had to miss the entire last week of it due to more pressing commitments – which was a huge blow, given that the last week had 3 mini challenges and was worth triple points. Blew me out of any chance of placing – but I got what I wanted out of entering. Although the prize and the kudos of winning would have been nice, I wanted to kickstart my mojo and get out of my design funk. That I managed – and in the course of the competition produced 3 layouts I am stoked with (I think the Chapter One layout from week 2 is one of the best I have done in months) a mini I am absolutely blown away with (since it is a teen boy one and not a range I would have thought to use for myself – so not my usual style at all) and this sketch layout, which I do like (though it is just not me). Plus I got my Timepiece layouts done for Mary during this time – so I count them as by-products of the competition.

The mini will go up in a couple of days – I did it as a dual challenge. Partly for the comp (since the week 4 challenge was to do a mini) , but also as part of something I promised Tracy from my2angels. I ordered some Bo Bunny Ad Lib from her and she emailed me to check that it was the right order. “So not you” she said. After I finished laughing at her I promised her I would do something for her with it just to show her I was really getting it for me AND that I COULD work with such a range.

It goes up on her blog shortly – proof that I can do ‘funky’ and break a scrapping vow or two. The Forum Girls from IPC will tell you that I swore I was never going to use twine or do those ‘damn bunting’ things – and just for Tracy I do both of them. 😉

Bo Bunny TimePiece Newsletter Layout 1

Where do you start in describing the gorgeous Timepiece range from Bo Bunny? Is it with the stunning collection of colours: black, dark brown, coffee and almond, deep red and white? Or is it with those pocket watches in all sizes, the cogs and the odd, but strangely attractive window/door/bricks bits?  Personally, for me – the paper patterns and strong contrasting colours are the main attraction; it’s hard to go wrong with a layout when the basics are so strong and solid.

 The collection has been sitting on my desk waiting to be scrapped for some time now. I’ve been very (im)patiently awaiting the arrival in store of the embellishments. It came to me though, that this is very much a range where you don’t need the embellishments to create your page – the patterns in the papers are both able to be fussy cut (using the watch faces), or layered to show off the intricate designs. So I’ve actually focussed on the papers themselves for the first two of my layouts and only really lashed out with the embellishments on the third.

In terms of stand out papers in the range – Moments (along with one other) would have to be it. The red is striking – it leaps out at you and the pattern is layered and complex. The majority of the pattern is to be found around the edges of the paper and this leaves you plenty of room to put things in the middle, yet still keep this wonderful design showing. The colour also works well with all of the other colours in the range. It contrasts well with the darker browns and the lighter almond/coffee and white papers and is the ‘reach for’ paper when putting a layout together.

Moments was then, the obvious choice for the base paper for my first layout – Moment in Time. Other than inking the edge to keep the sharpness of the page, I’ve left this paper alone. Letting the pattern on the paper determine the layout design, I’ve very carefully filled in the gaps in the pattern with other papers, my photo and embellishments.

 I’ve used a block of the Timepiece paper – the reverse side – to fill in vertical gaps in the design at the top and bottom of the page. Over this went a horizontal block of the Numbers paper. I chose this paper more for the colours it added to the layout, than the pattern itself – which is why a lot of this block has other things over it – like the photo, the cut out watch and the title. I also matted the photo with the reverse of Unlocked, which is a nice chocolate brown. In hindsight I should have checked my papers a little more closely – there is a dark-brown, almost black version of this design on the reverse of the Villa paper and this would have been a better choice.

 I do need to make the comment here that like it or hate it – Bo Bunny have repeated the same design on 3 of the reverse sides. It gives you less in terms of range of design, but it does give you a choice in contrasting colour for that one design.

 The cut out watch faces are from the Tick Tock paper. The watches come in 2 designs – one in brown/beige and the other in red/black and 2 different sizes. They are a breeze to cut out and make for instant embellishments for your layouts. You can use them singly – as shown here – or layered together in a group. Either is very effective. To finish it off I popped one of the pretty rhinestones from the Jewels pack into the centre of the watch hands.

 The title is an old – but very appropriate for this range – Scrap FX title I have had in my stash for years. With all the other elements in the paper designs, I’ve kept the embellishment of the chipboard to simple black ink, which allows it to contrast nicely against the patterned papers.


 I put the journalling on the back of a hidden tag, which I have inked with several Distress inks and then stamped with some of the clear stamps from the Timepiece range (the clock and lock stamp but not the Paris Postmark one). It’s simple, because it really needs to be flat to slip easily under the photo.


I love the dimensional stickers in the Bo Bunny ranges – though I am a little taken aback with this one. I have no idea what the whole door/window shutters thing is for – but it does look nice on the page. I’ve used it as a pretend book, and added a few words on it using the lettering from one of the sticker sheets. Just above it you can see another of the fussy cut watch faces and to add some interest to the patterned paper edge I laced some twine along the edge and tied on some brass lock and key charms.Mary has a lovely range of charms in stock now and it is well worth the browse through to see what pretties she currently has in stock (I know that the lock/key comes in both a gold and silver version too).

July Sketch

Where has the year gone? It seems to be flying past way more quickly than I would like.  Sigh – never enough time for all that has to be done.

Anyway – here is the sketch for July for Ideal Papercraft. Apologies it is a little rough around the edges – DS2 did the graphics for me (thank you grouchy bear – I wuvs you too) as I was busy with some sudden surprises (just like life to get in the way of scrapping).

And here is my example layout – using the gob-smackingly gorgeous Gabrielle range from Bo Bunny. Just love that colour combination.

(I will get a better photo up tomorrow – it was late afternoon by the time I got home to take the photo and it is not the best).

As usual – most of the Sketch is pretty flexible and open to interpretation. I’ve only included the ‘frame’ aspects of the design into the Sketch – feel free to add in whatever small details you wish.

Although I didn’t specify a space for journalling on the Sketch – the open space to the right of the photo would be ideal for some strip-style journalling.

Upload your sketch by 31st July 2011 into the appropriate gallery to be in the running for a prize from the prize cupboard.


I’ve been hanging out to get my hands on this range. I adore the Time Piece one that was released at the same time and that has kept me too busy to play with this one (I’ll be putting those layouts up shortly too). Well that and the competition – which has finally finished. I missed the last week (week 6) for various reasons and the mini from Week 4 is still under wraps for Tracy – but I will be putting up the week 5 layout on the weekend.  It has been a great comp and I have had a wonderful time doing all the challenges.

But back to this layout – Gabrielle is more a layering range than a cutting one  – though you can do a little of that too if you want to. I liked the contrasting look of the creamy Fairest over the chocolate reverse of Romance, so I made them the basis of the layout. I then used strips of the Stripe paper (both front and reverse) to add in some of the soft peaches and aquamarines here and there. The chocolate design down the right side of the photo has been cut out from the Unwritten paper.

Everything has been inked with Jumbo Java and most of the page edges have been lightly distressed.

You can see from this image how well all those colours work together and how layering brings them out so well.

Love this ‘treasure’ sticker tag – so sweet. The butterfly charm is a Trinket and is just pefect for popping here and there to ‘pretty’ things up. It looks like it is meant to be held in place by ribbons – but I put some rhinestones over the tab holes as I didn’t have any ribbons that would work with that. Mine all tend to be a bit thicker. Love their Brads and the little teal one you see is just one example of the yummy selection they have for this range.

I’ve had these wings in my stash for a number of years now – bought them from the now-defunct Addicted to Scrap – which used to be my main store once upon a time when I was just starting life as a scrapper. They come in several sizes – and yes – sadly I have all 3 sizes – and I HAD to use one of them with this photo of Madame. I’ve mixed up this cluster with some Chipboard pieces from the Gabrielle range; some Prima roses from a few CHA’s back; a Kaiser Rhinestone Flourish; a Maya Road teal rose ribbon and one of the Gabrielle buttons.  

I actually prefer this photo with the softer look to it – but for those of you who need to see a sharper view of the bits and pieces – here it is.

I formed the other embellishment cluster around a sticker tag from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet. It’s also standing in as my title. More Prima flowers; a Resin flower from Ideal Papercraft and one from Making Memories; another Kaiser rhinestone flourish; a brass key and lock charm from Ideal Papercraft; and a bit of Turquoise crumpled ribbon from my stash. The butterfly you can see is a Gabrielle Button and I embellished it with some of the rhinestones from the flourish that would have been hidden under the flowers and thus wasted.

Again – a sharper close-up (using the flash) for detail.

I have to work on a few other things over the coming week – but I can’t wait to get another chance to play with Gabrielle.

Don’t forget to have a go at the Sketch this month – we’d love to see your layout in the Gallery.