MSR Challenge 5

For the 5th week of the competition we had to follow a Sketch – it was a little more specific than the usual Sketch, more like a Blind Crop – but since I so suck at these anyway, the extra directions didn’t matter. Rachelle gave us a gorgeous layout design to follow and the hints we had of her layout (we did not see the full layout until after our own was done) were just stunning – but for me, this was the hardest week of the comp. I hate following other people’s design directions for my layouts – usually I like most of it or some of it, but never all of it. That’s why I don’t do Sketch comp’s or sites or use them (as in other people’s) in my own work.

Anyway – we followed her directions and this is what I produced (on either side of going to Melbourne for 4 days).

It’s a very Rach M design – bright and cheerful; multi photos; doodling; the mini letters; some funky treatment of the title chippy; and painting/stamping somewhere. I love the fresh feel to it and it really suits the white space – which would normally have me freaking out (and did – really did – whilst I was doing it).

Get a load of this gorgeous title – after colouring the chipboard with several matching shades (orange and yellow) it has been backed onto some patterned paper and then inked around with black marker pen. This gives a ‘shadow’ effect to the title – which is very effective.

I’m a little disappointed with my sun stamps – and this is despite the fact I had to search Australia wide to get them. I didn’t get the kits for the competition and of course decided that I HAD to have the $1.95 stamp for this week’s challenge. Do you think I could get it anywhere?? No – mine had to come express post from WA (thank you Anna). It’s not the stamp itself that is disappointing – but I must have a little water splash or two on my Stazon ink pad and the part of the stamp that was inked on that part of the pad bled slightly. Very annoying – crisp and clear in most parts of the stamp and blurry in others.

Colouring them in with water colour pencils was fun though – forgotten how much I love my Water Brushes. Must do it again sometime when I have a range that suits this approach. Speaking of ranges – this is by Imaginisce – and is called Berrylicious. It’s very funky and I rather like it – I got some of the other papers so  I could do something with them at some point in time.

We had to make our own leaves from the patterned paper and use a specific number of flowers. I used the ones in the one kit I did get – the embellishments kit – which had these Kaiser blooms in it. The chippy tag is from the Berrylicious range.

Admire the doodled border that was also a challenge criteria. I doodle rarely – so this is it for this decade I think. Lol – I know how much Rach doodles and I was not looking forward to her challenge for this very reason – but she let us off lightly with only a border required – and even I could manage that one (I think).

We had to use these mini letters as part of the challenge as well – so rather than journal on mine I chose an Irish saying that I thought fitted the photos rather well – and matched the embellishments very well – and put that on instead. I rather wish I had had room for the whole saying, as it goes on to wish the recipient blue skies and rainbows – which would have been perfect with the little sun and rainbow cut outs we had to include as well.

I was lucky enough to get voted 3rd place for this layout for the week. Hard to judge the differences in a sketch challenge I think – so I am very pleased with that.

I rather miss the comp now that it is over. I had to miss the entire last week of it due to more pressing commitments – which was a huge blow, given that the last week had 3 mini challenges and was worth triple points. Blew me out of any chance of placing – but I got what I wanted out of entering. Although the prize and the kudos of winning would have been nice, I wanted to kickstart my mojo and get out of my design funk. That I managed – and in the course of the competition produced 3 layouts I am stoked with (I think the Chapter One layout from week 2 is one of the best I have done in months) a mini I am absolutely blown away with (since it is a teen boy one and not a range I would have thought to use for myself – so not my usual style at all) and this sketch layout, which I do like (though it is just not me). Plus I got my Timepiece layouts done for Mary during this time – so I count them as by-products of the competition.

The mini will go up in a couple of days – I did it as a dual challenge. Partly for the comp (since the week 4 challenge was to do a mini) , but also as part of something I promised Tracy from my2angels. I ordered some Bo Bunny Ad Lib from her and she emailed me to check that it was the right order. “So not you” she said. After I finished laughing at her I promised her I would do something for her with it just to show her I was really getting it for me AND that I COULD work with such a range.

It goes up on her blog shortly – proof that I can do ‘funky’ and break a scrapping vow or two. The Forum Girls from IPC will tell you that I swore I was never going to use twine or do those ‘damn bunting’ things – and just for Tracy I do both of them. 😉


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