Border Punch Tip

On the Christmas layout and one of the cards I used a border punch (Martha StewartScroll Lace) to embellish the photo mat and to create an interesting strip on the card. In the image below you can see the original punch shape (top), the altered strip I used for the card (middle) and the leftover from the card strip which I think would work well on a boy layout (bottom).

It is quite a deep pattern and for the layout it took too much room for what I wanted – so I simply overlaid the photo on the matt so that it completely covered the ‘scroll’ cutout section and only showed the lace. The actual punch pattern is not altered in any way – just covered up – as you can see in the close-up below.

For the card though – I used my paper cutter to slice the punch pattern in half horizonally to produce 2 strips and I used the more decorative of the two on the card. I really like the width of this strip – it completes the ‘design’ of the card without making too much fuss.

You can do this with a lot of the deep border punch designs. I ran one of my other punches through my paper cutter and produced the pattern below. This one is really exciting – not only do you get the cute little lacy border (bottom left) but if you punch both sides of your cardstock/paper strip you can get the double punched pattern you can see on the bottom right.

I was only playing around with this one – so it is not a perfect match on the cutting – but it wouldn’t take much to get it right.  This would look really cool with a ribbon threaded through it or even some bling centred in the middle of the cut-out shape.

So have a play with your border punches and see what you can create. I know I am going to be looking at mine with a whole new mindset as to what I can do with them.


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