The Pin Story

Lmao – so now it seems I am designing pins. I was over annoying Tracy the other day whilst she was playing with her new beads shipment. I’d just finished the Sketch layout and was thinking to myself that some of her beads (well most of them actually) were gorgeous enough to adorn the head of a pin or two. Well great minds think alike – as she was thinking the same thing. With my recent layout in mind – I suggested that she add one of her small flowers, some ribbon or even some leaves – and it kind of snowballed from there. We had a bit more fun playing around and then I had to go pick up the kids from school.

Consider me gobsmacked then, when I read her blog the other day – link – it seems I am in the pin designing business now. Whoo hooo – I’ll be famous yet. You can get a set of the pins we were playing with here (the black and brown set) and here (the pink and silver set) here.

Something tells me I shouldn’t give up my day job yet – but it sure would be nice if she could sell out of these.


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