Kaiser Bonjour Newsletter Layout – 1

Our recent newsletter showcased the new Kaiser range for October – the french inspired Bonjour.

Belle Petite Un (beautiful little one) is my replacement for a layout that turned into a double I was unable to finish in time for the newsletter (lol – I ran out of the paper I needed and had to order in more). Having done (by this stage) 3 very dark and contrasting layouts, I wanted something pretty, girly and light. For that reason I focussed on the pink, blue and greens in the range and matched them with white cardstock (Bazzill White).  Doing this also allowed me to include more distressing – with the edges of the base paper (Moriesse) both distressed and stitched onto the cardstock. To help make the (mostly pink) paper layers distinct from one another, I used some more (white) cardstock as a matt behind a piece of Provence. The cardstock was edge punched with a lacy-hole pattern to complement the dot pattern on the base paper. The photo was cut into and tucked under the flower pattern on the Provence sheet – with a couple of the flowers Kindyglitzed for added sparkle.

At the bottom of the layout I made a floral posy tied up with a ribbon bow and pearl strand. Here you can see the full ribbon bow – it’s a bit sad to have to scrunch it up into a plastic page protector – but better than letting it gather dust I guess.

The floral posy is overlaid on the clock/flower design I cut out for the previous layout. The roses are a mix of Fairy Floss and Sage Kaiser Blooms, with some white and pink Posies from the old Chanteuse collection thrown in for good measure.  Don’t they all look stunning below?


I must confess to not having been that impressed with the Posies at the time, but they have really come into their own with this collection and I am very happy with the way they match in with the blooms. The little bird on a twig is a sticker from the 12 x 12 Alpha Sticker sheet (now only available in the Collection Pack) – as are the additional hydrangea blooms behind the clock.

Across the top of the clock (actually I have no idea what this thing is – it looks like it might be a grandfather clock pattern with the cameo where the clock face should be – so for lack of a better term, clock it is) I added in one small segment of a flourish pattern from the 12 x 12 Alpha Sticker sheet and a few rhinestones from the Jewels pack.

The alphas are some old Basic Grey ones that are white – but have a plastic coating on them that make them VERY difficult to alter. White was a little boring, so I had a bit of a play and came up with this. My technique this week in the forum (which will be up sometime over the weekend) is on altering chipboard – each of the various finishes I’ve done in the newsletter layouts will be explained there and the products I have used listed. I love playing with different mediums to get unique finishes to my chippy and I have to confess there are an amazing number of different products out there you can use – probably in ways their makers never intended them to be. 😉

Along the right-hand side of the photo I added in some more hydrangea flower stickers (the large one is from the 12 x 12 Icon Sticker sheet and the smaller ones from the 12 x 12 Alpha Sticker sheet). I also tucked in the Eiffel tower I had trimmed off the clock/flower pattern on the other side of the layout. I had needed to remove it to show more of the photo –but there was a nice empty spot on this side that it slotted into very neatly.

Across the bottom of the layout went the last part of the title and some pretty butterflies that came from the 12 x 12 Alpha Sticker sheet. This sticker sheet has some gorgeous borders on it – and I have used bits of all of them (birds, hydrangeas, butterflies and flourishes) on this layout.


A close-up of the cool butterfly border stickers and the stitched border.

Back tomorrow with more of the newsletter…


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  1. Beautiful Layout 🙂 love it all !

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