Kaiser Bonjour Newsletter Layout – 3

The final newsletter layout – Joie de Vivre (Joy of Life) is my favourite and another of those straight-edge designs that I find so easy to do with this range, despite the femininity of the patterns.

The base for the layout is the green, reverse side of Notre-Dame. I’ve matched it with a block of Madeleine – which has this cute little pattern of crowns on a charcoal black background. To keep the papers to just the green and black colour scheme, I had to raid the Paper Pad – both the stripe paper (which is just stunning – I wish they had done this in a 12 x 12 version) and the large flourish paper are from there.

In the bottom left corner of the layout I clustered some Kaiser Olive Blooms over a flourish piece by Dusty Attic. The tag is from the Paper Pad and the small butterfly is a sticker from the 12 x 12 Icon Sticker sheet. Both the butterfly on the tag and the phrase under the flowers are part of the Brown Rubon Collection (now only in the Collection Pack) – as are the two large flourishes you see on either side of the layout. The Paris word is plastic and is from my own stash.

A word to the unawary about the word/phrase rubons in this collection – check them out carefully to make sure they say something appropriate before you use them. It might have been a loooooog time since I did French at school – but my teacher would be pleased to know that I spotted a spelling mistake (voire not viore) and then when I checked (because I was sus about them now) one phrase – as pretty as it looks in french – simply does not translate into anything meaningful in english (‘or even that you like’). So caveat emptor with them ladies.

The alphas (Scrapware Lowercase Antique) (oos) have a new finish for me – I finally got to play with some of my Glimmer Glaze and I am very happy with the results. Again – the method for achieving this finish will be up in the forum.

The top right-hand corner gets another embellishment cluster using the same chippy flourish and olive blooms as before, with the addition of a silver Fleur de Lys charm and an Eiffel Tower cabochon (both from my stash). The cluster is centred over a tag from the Paper Pad. Mary has in some lovely silver Eiffel Tower charms – which I have used on the (as yet) unfinished double layout – so check them out in the store. too

The journalling for this layout is on a hidden tag, which comes from the Journal Tags booklet. I’ve popped a Kaiser Mini Bloom (Olive) and another silver Fleur de Lys charm on it to make pulling it out from under the photo easier. If I am going to put the journalling tag under the photo like this I will tend to pop one edge of the photo up onto a pop dot – just to make sliding it under easier.

The final corner of the layout is a mix of stickers, together with a rubon and a Black Kaiser Pearl Flourish (oos). The Eiffel Tower and word tag are from the 12 x 12 Icon Sticker sheet, but the flourish (and also the one at the top) are part of the flourish border from the 12 x 12 Alpha Sticker sheet (only in the Collection Pack). Although the rubon comes from the Brown Pack, there is a similar one in the Coloured Rubons Pack.

All things French are trendy at the moment and Kaiser is not afraid to jump on that band-wagon. They have done a wonderful job with Bonjour though (spelling and translations aside) and it has been a pleasure to work with it. I think you will find it suitable for a much wider range of styles and layout themes than it might initially appear suited to – after all – what layout couldn’t do with a little joie de vivre??


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  1. Love how you used the green as a accent colour, really pops…. gorgeous as always 🙂

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