computer woes

Apologies for my absence from the blog – after promising not to do so again. For the past fortnight I have been struggling with a nasty computer virus that has reduced my computer to an expensive waste of plastic and metal. Add to this the joys of teenage sons who use up a monthly net access within half the allotted time – thus reducing said access to a crawl – and you have a DT scrapping nightmare of biblical proportions.

Where-ever I picked up this nasty little thing I have no idea, but it is now so deeply embedded in my operating system that it simply re-spawns whenever it is removed. I even paid for the McAfree virus technicians to come in and remove it using remote access to my computer – spending a wonderful 5 hours one night in the wee hours watching the sun come up – and in the end they gave up and refunded me my money.

Eeeeeek. So not a happy camper – and that is before the internet was reduced to a crawl (and yeah – I have to be honest and say that they used up their fair share of the net access too – it wasn’t just the boys). I think Bigpond are stretching a friendship when they say that access is only slowed – when in reality it means you cannot access webpages or even download emails for most of the day.

I don’t get faster access until the 10th – but I am hoping to get enough to post up something here and there – or I might just visit friends and beg to borrow their computer for a moment or two.

Back when I can…


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