Newsletter – CI Wild Spirit – layout 2

Wild Spirit was the layout I both started first and finished last for the newsletter. I will be honest and say I am not sure it has worked out as well as I had hoped – but that is certainly partially influenced by my fear of ‘empty space’ on layouts as much as it is thinking I don’t do simple layouts very well.

When I first saw the barbed wire border on Country Girl (oos)I knew I wanted to stitch it – and that part of the design I think, has worked well. This time the layered papers filling up the empty centre space come from Ranch Life and Wild Horses.

The alphas are Scrapware Antique Lowercase. Again I have kept the finish to them fairly simple – just a coat of Weathered Wood Distress Ink and the matching Distress Stickles. If you are looking for browns to match the paper range – both the Chocolate Covered Cherries Glimmermist I used on the lace here and Colorbox Brown (which is a reddish brown rather than a true brown) as used on the barbed wire chipboard are both good matches.

The barbed-wire flourish on this layout is special. At the time I first got these papers there was really only one or two barbed wire chipboard designs around – mostly thick and sturdy designs (I shouldn’t be so rude about them – not since some of the very first ones ever put out by a chippy company were ones I had designed to match an early Kaiser grunge range). But they were not something I ‘saw’ working well with these papers. I really wanted some feminine barbed-wire (yeah – like you really NEED girly barbed wire lol) and although I had organised for several very nice designs to be made (which you can see in the store) – production constraints meant that none of them were ‘quite’ what I wanted.

THIS is what I really wanted – it is based on one of my favorite Scrapware flourish designs, but altered to match what I needed in the barbed-wire. Sadly – as I mentioned a few weeks ago – I don’t think it is going to be commercially available (though there are a few pieces of it floating about if you are lucky enough to get your hands on it) – but it was perfect for this layout – which in some ways was designed around using it.

To finish off the layout I Glimmmermist-ed some white roses using a custom colour that is two parts Copper to one part Gingerbread. I was hoping to match it to the underlying light caramel/beige brown colour on Country Girl (and to the colour of her hair in the photo), but still have a ‘lift’ or sparkle to it. I think the leaves are old Green Tara ones – and they also match in really well with that lighter beige colour and with the darker rusty brown.

Again, the journalling is on a hidden tag – popped in behind the photo. It has a silver butterfly charm tied on with a bit of twine and is made from a left-over bit of Ranch Life cut into a tag shape.

Although the title of the layout is the same as the paper range – it wasn’t actually intended that way. I was just lucky enough to catch some photos of Madame off in her own little world, dancing around a vacant lot whilst I was taking photos of mangroves for her brother’s biology project. He was doing his water sample collecting and I noticed her off in her little ‘dance world’ and snapped a few with my long distance lens – she was about 15 metres away. They are slightly more out of focus than I like – a product of her movement and the distance – but I love the ethereal, fey feel to them. She had obviously caught sight of me taking them mid-twirl and was just swinging around and starting to smile at catching me at it. She looks so much like a small, wild spirit – all that long wavy hair flying riotously around her urchin face – hence the title.

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  1. Gorgeous 🙂

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