Newsletter Layout 3 – Creative imaginations – Beach Cottage

Beach Walk is a bit of an odd layout. I had actually started a die cut shaped layout that uses the mermaid image from the patterned paper – and then discovered that I needed a paper I had used up – so I could not complete it. There were also a couple of papers from the range I had not yet used at all – and really wanted to. In the end – I actually combined two different layout ideas and then went through a series of 3 photos, before I arrived at my final combination. For all the design distress it caused me – I love the final product.

The frame base is actually the floral side of Hibiscus. As a large piece, I find this pattern very busy and overwhelming – but it is wonderful in small areas like this framing piece. The paper over it is the reverse side of Mermaid. The top layer is the reverse side of Shells – a wonderful sandy coloured page with brown higgly-piggly words written across it. There is a lovely bit that reads “we’ll swim forever you and I, with no-one to see us but the sea” which I must steal to use as journaling somewhere. The ‘sun, sand and sea’ strip running across the top of the photo is from the Beach Cottage paper.

This embellishment uses one of the flowers from the Die Cut Shapes pack (oos). With it is a silver shell charm; a Dusty Attic chipboard shelland a small dried? starfish that I pinched from my daughter’s arts and crafts box. From memory, it is a ‘spur of the moment’ find from one of the Dollar stores. The chipboard shell is coloured with a variety of inks – white, several browns and a darkish purply-blue that matches some of the words in the ‘sun, sand and sea’ strip.

Yeah – I know – I said I wouldn’t do one and I have. I must admit to not being overly fond of the banner fad that is still evident in the scrapping community. I don’t mind the odd one here or there – it’s just that they seem to be so over-used. That said, I felt that one would be appropriate to the top corner of this layout. The techniques tip for this week is how to make this particular version of the banner – so check out the forum for instructions.

The banner was made from bits and pieces of left-over papers from the three newsletter layouts. Actually, they weren’t really leftovers as such – but more ‘rescued’ bits. With all this layering happening, I like to cut out the centre of the underlying papers so I can use them on other layouts. On this poor layout even the space under the photo has been cut out so I could use that paper to make the tag and banner bits.

Here you can see I’ve used the die cut shape (oos) that matches the title strip across the top of the photo. The die cut flower (oos) has been pop-dotted to it for some dimension. The silver starfish charm is from my stash and I’ve popped in another of those dried starfish that my daughter has yet to notice I have pinched from her. The tag itself is tucked in behind all of this and is made to match the banner triangles (from bits of Shells and Mermaid). On it I talk about how much Madame loves to walk across the sand at the beach whenever we go (which is all of twice a year). She doesn’t tend to swim much – she saves that for the pool –  she would much prefer to wander about searching for shells and other interesting things, dancing through the water and sand, singing happily to herself. Apparently pools are for swimming- beaches are for dreaming on.

And here is the last of my shells/starfish pattern strip from the Beach Cottage paper. I managed to get a bit on every layout. I had two pieces of it to start with – which I thought was plenty – but I used it all up. Now I have to run back to the store to get some more before everyone else buys it. It’s probably the single best ‘bit’ of patterned paper in the whole range. Tucked in there with it is a silver shell charm from my stash and a couple of Doily Lace border punched strips. You’ll notice that the starfish are a little darker than their counterparts on the other layouts – that’s because I inked them with the darker blue ink I used on the title alphas – it matches a similar blue used on the patterned papers in very small amounts. The doily punch strips match in with the banner – which has the same strip across the top of the pennant pieces.

I know I say this every time Creative Imaginations releases a beach themed range – but it is true – these are stunningly beautiful papers and you can’t go wrong with them. Adding to the excitement is the recent decision by CI to release a matching 6 x 6 paper pad to their recent ranges – I can’t wait to see what the one for Beach Cottage looks like in real life. So get ready for all those sun, sand and surf photos this summer and grab your own little slice of beach heaven with the Beach Cottage range from Creative Imaginations.


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