Butterflies, Keys and Filigree

Sorry – work has been full-on the last week and I totally forgot to post this  up. I am still loving my Antique Bronze charm selection from my2angels. Every now and then I swoop down on Tracy (I like to sneak in unannounced, so she doesn’t have time to hide the new ones from me) and buy everything in sight. I’m still in a butterfly craze at the moment too – so there were more of them on the last of the Kaiser Sweet Nothings layouts.

I’ve used another of those gorgeous filigree butterflies that I love, again teaming it with a Kaiser Resin Blossom. Nestled next to that is a peach pearl version of the stunning little Pearl Stick that I used in blue for an earlier layout. Seriously – Tracy has 16 different pearl colours – you NEED one of each colour of these!!! I need one of each colour of these – Tracy – you reading my blog again?? You hearing me on this?? Start selling them woman!!!!

Hanging down from the bottom of the butterfly is another Antique Bronze butterfly charm and a set of keys – both hanging from some Bronze Chain. I was inspired by the old Chatelaine sets of keys that women used to wear – so I thought these would look lovely together with the vintage dress form and the tulle.

Finally – these yummy Flower Filigree Wraps are again back in stock – so run in and grab some before I make my next visit. 🙂


Kaiser – Sweet Nothings – Newsletter Layout 3

The final layout for this week is Dance. Cupid’s Arrow (oos) is the base paper for this layout and I love the soft grey-blue pattern on it. The corner floral pattern is, of course, the feature of this patterned paper and I have designed my layout to focus on that section of the paper. I used a section of the reverse side of Devoted to mat under the photo, as it matches the colour of the blossoms. To complement and mirror the blossoms on the right of the photo – I used the large blossom from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet on the left of the photo. To bring out the brown tones a little more, I inked the edges of the papers with brown ink and used the same ink for the stamping.

I’ve used the Botanical stamp (oos) here again – this time using it as ‘partial’ images. You can easily achieve this look by only inking desired sections of the stamp before stamping. This way you can use the same stamp to produce many different ‘looks’.

More Scrapware Lowercase Antique Alphas and again they are simply embellished. This time I used a solid coat of the same brown ink to give the alphas a dark coat of colour and then I lightly and randomly sprayed Choc-coated Cherries Glimmermist (oos) over them. This gives a subdued glimmer to the letters and is not too intrusive on the rest of the layout.

Again, I cut the edge of the patterned paper blossom to allow me to tuck under it a leaf I cut out of the Devoted paper and the edge of the Devoted mat. More than any other reason, I needed the leaf to provide some contrast between the similarly coloured blossom and paper mat – but it did also look very nice there with the blossom.

The small butterflies are from the Sweet Nothings Colour Rubons and these transferred much more easily than the brown rubons on the previous layout. In all – I found the colour rubons much easier to use than the brown ones and a great improvement on Kaiser’s recent rubon batches.

The alpha stickers are old ones from my stash – Adorn-it Tiny Blue by Carolees Creations. Of all the tiny sticker alphas – these are the ones I find the most versatile and they are my ‘reach for’ tiny alpha stickers of choice.

The Forum Technique Tip for this week is this embellished dress form (Dusty Attic – oos). Check out the forum for my instructions on how to make this whimsical fashion fancy. It doesn’t take much work and looks stunning on any ‘girly’ layout.

To make it, you need some netting and assorted ‘pretty’ things. I’ve used a filigree butterfly, some small charms (butterfly and key ring) on a length of chain, a flower, a resin flower from the Kaiser Resin BlossomDahlia collection, some seam binding ribbon and a pearl and butterfly charm pin made specifically for the layout.

The dress form has been popped through a frame from the Collectibles Pack (oos) – which I cut out the middle of so that the dress form could be put through it. The flower/leaves on either side of the dress from are cut from the Devoted patterned paper. The rubon border is from the Brown Rubons pack (oos) from the Sweet Nothings collection.

The final embellishment on the page is yet another, made-to-match bronze filigree cluster from my stash. Adorning the bronze filigree piece are some small leaves, another resin flower from the Kaiser Resin BlossomDahlia pack, a butterfly charm and a pearl dangle.

The small Kindyglitzed blossoms are also cut out from the Devoted patterned paper.

 Kaiser does their pretty, feminine, vintage themed collections very well and Sweet Nothings is certainly no exception to this generalisation. Whether you fill the page with flower clusters and other embellishments, or leave the paper patterns to shine for themselves, you will be pleased with the result. I’ve enjoyed working with this range and I am sure you will too – so check it out in the store.

Of clocks and charms

For those wanting to know more about the Antique Bronze charms I used on the April Sketch layout – here are the details. I get all my pretty bits and pieces like this from Tracy at my2angels.

This stunning Clock with Gears can be purchased here.

To get this beautiful pin you need to wait… I’ve been nagging Tracy (waving Tracy – yes that’s you) to put these into general production at my2angels. So help me out here and send her an email asking her to make one for you. 😉 These short little stick pins are just the cutest things ever. (Mwah Tracy – you know you love me!!) 🙂

The heart and key charms can be bought here and here.

And this gorgeous Bee with Pocket Watch charm can be found here.

Finally – these fabulous and oh so usable Filigree bits – here – are sadly out of stock at the moment – but are expected back in stock in a week or so.

April Sketch (Kaiser ‘Sweet Nothings’)

I know it’s a little late to the blog – but better late than never. Check out here for this month’s sketch competition for Ideal Papercraft – upload your entry into the gallery by the end of the month to be in with a chance at a selection from the Prize Cupboard.

 As I was on a bit of a roll with the Newsletter layouts, my example sketch layout this month – Almost 7 – also uses Kaiser’s Sweet Nothings range – this time I’ve used Memories, the Die Cut paper. I really like the middle section of the pattern, but will confess to not being overly enthused with the blue lace trim. A little is nice – but it goes a long way – as it is sort of inspid looking. The obvious answer then is to cover up large chunks of it and to provide a contrasting colour – which is what I have done. The bits of blue/cream that show through are delicate and pretty and contrast nicely with the chocolate tones of the underlying paper You & Me, and the chipboard.

With only two different patterned papers used on the layout, I had to resort to plenty of embellishments to provide the interest and texture. I started with a die cut birdcage from the Collectibles pack (oos). Under this I tucked a couple of hand cut roses – which I got from the trimmed out middle section of the You & Me paper. When using one paper to frame another, I often cut out the middle of that paper – saves wasting it where no-one sees it. This time I got enough to use one section underneath the photo (it’s offset – you can see it above and below the photo) and the rest I trimmed the roses and rose leaves from.

Above the roses is this stunning Antique Bronze clock/cogs charm and a small section of floral sticker trim from the 12 x 12 sticker sheet. I’ve used about 2/3’s of the floral trim – cut up into small pieces – here and there around the layout. It matches the flowers on the birdcage die cut and is the same blue as the paper lace pattern.

Also tucked under the die cut birdcage is a section from a chipboard clock face. I’m not sure whose it is – but it is gorgeous. I will have to look up who it belongs to, because I want some more (Edited to add – It’s by Twiddleybitz – the Roman Clock Face Small). I’ve inked it a dark brown (Colorbox Chalk InkBrown) and then spiced it up a little with some Crystallina Kindyglitz which has been dried with my heat gun.

There is also a little more of the floral sticker and I have used my (currently anyway) favourite stamp – Botanical (oos) – which has been stamped onto a section of acetate. This has been cut up to give me three smaller sections, which I have popped here and there under/around the chipboard clock.

The journalling is hidden away on this tag – and comments on where Madame is at just prior to her 7th birthday. It’s mostly a list of her current ‘favourites’ and some thoughts on life in general. The tag has been made from one of the papers in the 6.5 x 6.5 Paper Pad (it has a music score on it) and is embellished with a brown cherry blossom (IamRoses), a small section of the floral sticker, some rose leaves cut from the You & Me paper and a short length of white twine.  

Along the right-hand side of the layout I have punched 3 holes and tied some white twine through them into a bow. Decorating this is another brown cherry blossom (IamRoses), a gorgeous little blue pearl and butterfly charm stickpin and an Antique Bronze heart and key charm set.

The bottom right corner of the photo has an embellishment cluster made up of half a chipboard flourish (same treatment as the clock face), another brown cherry blossom (IamRoses), a pretty blue Prima rose (Champagne Rose – Chardonnay), a resin blossom from Kaiser (Pansy collection), more floral sticker (12 x 12 sticker sheet) and several cut out roses from the You & Me paper.

Underneath is the Botanical stamp (oos) again – this time stamped directly onto the patterned paper. The section of music score you see to the left has been hand cut from the paper in the 6.5 x 6.5 Paper Pad that I made the tag from.

On the left-hand side of the layout is the rest of the chipboard flourish and pretty much a similar collection of embellishment bits and bobs. This time though I added in this gorgeous little Antique Bronze bee/watch charm.

Finishing off the cluster is the rest of the chipboard clockface and this sweet little decorated filigree. The usual suspects are there (the Kaiser resin blossom, Prima rose and hand cut paper rose leaves) with the addition of a cute little heart charm and a blue pearl.

So there it is – my April Sketch layout – using Kaiser’s Sweet Nothings. I’m really happy with the way it turned out – it’s so nice to get back to scrapping after such a long absence. I did wonder if I had ‘lost it’ somewhere – so being happy with this layout is such a bonus.

You have to be in it to win it – so have a go at this month’s sketch competition at Ideal Papercraft.

Bronze Butterflies

Loving the butterfly theme that is still so popular in scrapping. The last layout used Antique Bronze charms from my2angels as seen below.

These Filigree Butterflies are just the perfect size and are probably the most used bronze butterfly charms I own.

These Bronze Butterfly Filigree Clips are almost as popular and the clip makes them so easy to secure to your layout.

And it takes a matter of moments to alter these gorgeous Filigree Crosses into a leaf setting for the resin flower I popped in as a flower centre.

So many charms – so may ways to use them. 🙂

Kaiser – Sweet Nothings – Newsletter Layout 2

In What I Love about You I have showcased the fabulous, peachy-orange tones of the reverse sides of All Yours and Sincerely. Love, love, love these two papers. Again, I’ve templated the layout – this time another of my favourite shapes – the scalloped circle. All Yours is such a gorgeous paper, that I have left most of it clear of embellishment, so that you can still see the lovely design on it.

The title is a chipboard one from my stash and to get the colour on it I have mixed several chalk inks – a brown and 2 oranges – so that it matches the colours on the patterned paper. Although it does not show up well in the photo – the white patches are Kindyglitz Crystallina (oos) – which has been dried with a heat gun, so that the glitter is muted.

The hand-made journalling tag has some corner rubons from the Brown Rubons pack (oos), a filigree butterfly, a resin flower from the Kaiser Resin BlossomDahlia collection, and a piece of crinkled seam binding from my stash. I’ve only embellished the end of the tag, as I needed it to be flat to go under the photo.

Next to the tag and earlier behind the title you can see the other Kaiser stamp I used with this collection. This one – Botanical (oos) – is just gorgeous. I love those butterflies and I can see myself using this stamp over and over again.

Under the photo I popped some cut out flowers from Love Letters, together with a flower die cut piece from the Collectibles (oos) pack. This is other half of the bird I used on the first layout. Underneath the flowers is a chipboard piece, which has been randomly inked with Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink over a cream ink background. This has then had Kindyglitz (oos) applied to it and heat dried to give it that random sparkle look. The butterfly is one that I got as part of an embellishment set from Etsy.

The stunning flower you see here is part of the earlier mentioned embellishment set I got from Etsy. Just love how it matches the flower shape on the patterned paper. The rest of this embellishment cluster includes: a bronze filigree butterfly pin, the rest of the chipboard piece (yes – I did cut it in half to use it this way – the cut edges are tucked under the flowers), more flowers cut from the Devoted patterned paper and a resin flower from the Kaiser Resin BlossomDahlia collection, which has been tucked into a bronze filigree piece. I bent the edges of the filigree piece up and around the resin flower to make it look like leaves.

I really wish Kaiser had included more of the flower styles I’ve used on this layout in their embellishments – rather than the distressed roses that and posies that they actually included. Many of them only suit one or two papers – rather than these, which suit most of the patterned papers. Oh well – their call – but these peachy coloured flowers are just gorgeous.

Charming Words and more

On my last layout, I used some gorgeous stuff from my2angels. For those who have asked me to list exactly what I used – here is the list.

This is one of the new range of  Charming Words, which have just been released over at my2angels. Mine has been made specifically for this layout – but in the standard range there are three words (forever, laughter and together), 3 charms (bird, flower, heart) and 5 diferent rose colours (yellow, purple, pink, green and brown) available.

For this embellishment cluster I asked Tracy to make me a special pin using her orange pearls, antique bronze hatpin and an antique bronze flower bead. I’ve also used her bronze chain; passport, compass and globe charms; and a couple of her small cream roses (these are oos at the moment but are due back in mid-April).

Here I have used one of Tracy’s Bronze oval frames – I popped a pearl dangle onto it for added interest. There are more cream roses – and the filigree sections you see here are half of a Large Filigree Flower, that I cut into two and used as decorative accents in my flower clusters. Popped in here and there they look like delicate bronze leaves.

So check out my2angels for these lovely Antique Bronze embellishments and charms. You won’t be disappointed.