Charming Words and more

On my last layout, I used some gorgeous stuff from my2angels. For those who have asked me to list exactly what I used – here is the list.

This is one of the new range of  Charming Words, which have just been released over at my2angels. Mine has been made specifically for this layout – but in the standard range there are three words (forever, laughter and together), 3 charms (bird, flower, heart) and 5 diferent rose colours (yellow, purple, pink, green and brown) available.

For this embellishment cluster I asked Tracy to make me a special pin using her orange pearls, antique bronze hatpin and an antique bronze flower bead. I’ve also used her bronze chain; passport, compass and globe charms; and a couple of her small cream roses (these are oos at the moment but are due back in mid-April).

Here I have used one of Tracy’s Bronze oval frames – I popped a pearl dangle onto it for added interest. There are more cream roses – and the filigree sections you see here are half of a Large Filigree Flower, that I cut into two and used as decorative accents in my flower clusters. Popped in here and there they look like delicate bronze leaves.

So check out my2angels for these lovely Antique Bronze embellishments and charms. You won’t be disappointed.


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