Butterflies, Keys and Filigree

Sorry – work has been full-on the last week and I totally forgot to post this  up. I am still loving my Antique Bronze charm selection from my2angels. Every now and then I swoop down on Tracy (I like to sneak in unannounced, so she doesn’t have time to hide the new ones from me) and buy everything in sight. I’m still in a butterfly craze at the moment too – so there were more of them on the last of the Kaiser Sweet Nothings layouts.

I’ve used another of those gorgeous filigree butterflies that I love, again teaming it with a Kaiser Resin Blossom. Nestled next to that is a peach pearl version of the stunning little Pearl Stick that I used in blue for an earlier layout. Seriously – Tracy has 16 different pearl colours – you NEED one of each colour of these!!! I need one of each colour of these – Tracy – you reading my blog again?? You hearing me on this?? Start selling them woman!!!!

Hanging down from the bottom of the butterfly is another Antique Bronze butterfly charm and a set of keys – both hanging from some Bronze Chain. I was inspired by the old Chatelaine sets of keys that women used to wear – so I thought these would look lovely together with the vintage dress form and the tulle.

Finally – these yummy Flower Filigree Wraps are again back in stock – so run in and grab some before I make my next visit. 🙂


One Response

  1. Yes I am reading it Ngaire … and guess what I plan to do all next week with pins, charms and pearls?

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