Prima Meadow Lark and some new my2angels pretties

I have to admit I had not given much thought to getting the Meadow Lark range – a little too bright for me and some of the papers had me stumped as to how I would use them. But then I remembered a set of photos taken a couple of years ago on our way back from the (sometimes) annual ski trip. Madame in a bright, cheerful flowery top and shorts and a field full of yellow flowers. A match made in heaven – so off to Tracy’s I went to get me some Meadow Lark.

The base for Forever Spring is a piece of Grace – a very pretty floral pattern. I’ve cut it into a die cut shape using a new template shape (it’s a recent LYB die cut) that’s taken my fancy. I then stitched around it in a pattern that was part of the original die cut’s pattern. Over this went a cut down piece of Buttercup Coredinations cardstock. The third and top layer of the layout is a piece of Labelle, cut so that the birds/flowers on the right side were not included – most of what I kept was the script pattern.

This gave me a very soft and pretty base to work with – all I needed to do was fill it with a photo and some embellishments.

For the title, I used some Linen Texture Alphas from Prima – which I coloured a pretty lemon yellow using the new Tim Holtz Spring Inks set – the ink is called Lemonade and is a perfect match for the yellow cardstock. I’ve popped it over the top of a flourish tag that has been cut out of the Astor paper – one side is just full of different shapes and sizes and they are very easy to cut out. The flowers you see behind the tag are from Chloe – they’ve been fussy cut and popped here and there all over the layout to provide extra colour and interest and to block out some of the yellow cardstock.

There are a couple of layered clusters here and there – this one has layers of flowers cut from the reverse of Astor . I’ve coloured some of them with Twinkling H2O’s from my stash and left the others raw – though I have edged them with a pinky coloured chalk ink. There are also some more fussy cut flowers from Chloe and another of the gorgeous Charming Words from my2angels. This one is the yellow rose/Forever version – but Tracy has a number of colours to choose from and several words.

On the other corner of the photo I have popped some more layered and fussy cut flowers and added in one of the Meadow Lark Lucerne blossoms. These have huge, clear crystals and a little glitter on them and although simple – are very pretty.

The biggest cluster on the layout though involves more layered/fussy cut flowers and several more of the Meadow Lark Lucerne flowers – along with a sparkly sticker from the Chipboard Sticker Sheet. There are also a couple of small yellow roses and I used one of Tracy’s clear glass cabochons  (they come in a range of sizes) and a bit of left-over patterned paper to make a pretty ornament as well.

The two special ‘bits and bobs’ though were one of Tracy’s cute, new birds nests and the gorgeous yellow and antique bronze Charming Pin. Whoo hooo – finally got her to put these in the store – they’re so cute and easy to use.

There is also a hand-made flower I made from a spare bit of patterned paper – Windsong – this was made using one of my MFT dies – and I have popped a pearl into it for a centre.

Tucked in here and there on the layout are 2 birds cut out from the leftover bit of Labelle. I popped one behind the nest and the other over near the title.

So there you have it – Meadow Lark – a soft, pretty range from Prima with much more potential than you would think from the online images. The watercolour look to the patterns is very pretty in real life. I have a heap of bits left over from this layout, so I can see something else coming up.

Tracy is off to the Brisbane Scrapbooking Expo next weekend – so you might want to get in early with your purchases – as I am sure the nests and pins will be a big hit there(along with all her other personal designs).

Also – at the moment Tracy has 25% off all Charms, but only until Sunday 3rd June – so get in quick and grab a super deal on her silver and antique bronze charms.
I’m currently working on some Bo Bunny Weekend Market for Mary – but next up for Tracy is the gorgeous Glitz Designs French Kiss.

Technologic Newsletter Layout 3

For Maths Star I have gotten messy. I love the messy look, but hate the lack of control you have in determining where the mess goes. The base of the layout is the grid pattern, reverse side of Download.  Over that I put another patterned paper from the 6.5 x 6.5 Paper Pad – this one has the same random number pattern as Download – but as gloss accents.

Once those bits of paper were down I covered them with a little scrap paper and got down and dirty. Most of what you see in black is Tim Holtz Black Soot reinker – applied with a spray bottle. The big splotches though, I made using the Black Soot Stain. My tip on how to do this is the 3rd technique tip for this week. The ochre coloured paint is an old Making Memories one from my stash and that was simply flicked onto the paper (yup – it was very gluggy) with a dry paintbrush.

The trick to making the mess look deliberate is to work with it when adding your embellishments – so the top left corner of the layout got a number line rubon that ran nicely through the middle of an ink blot. Under that was a bit of Pixel and a couple more of the cute little manufacturer strips from the bottom of the patterned papers.

 Down the left side of the layout I popped one of the rubon patterns through the ink blot there.  Next to the photo went one of the die cut bar codes from the Collectibles Pack (available in the collection pack only), another manufacturer strip, an arrow from the  6.5 x 6.5 Paper Pad and my own, self-made calculator. To make it I altered one of the wooden MP3’s  and added a little bit cut out from one of the paper elements in the Paper Pad to get my calculator keys.  The title is again the Basic Grey Hip chipboard alpha set. It has been inked a bright red to stand out against the dirty white patterned paper.

The title is again the Basic Grey Hip chipboard alpha set I used previously. It has been inked a bright red to stand out against the dirty white patterned paper.

 The bottom right corner of the layout uses the same elements previously used – the number line and frequency line rubons; the rest of the title; a strip of Pixel and adds in two stars from the Collectibles Pack.

Over the two stars I stamped a light bulb and two words from the Maya Road Eureka Lightbulbs clear stamps set.

Again the journalling is on a hidden tag, which I made from a spare bit of Pixel . To embellish it I stamped it with a cog from the Technologic clear stamp set, pop dotted on some cogs from the 12 x 12 sticker sheet and popped a bit of twine through the hole to finish it off.

In case you were wondering – the self-satisfied smirk on the face of DS2 is because he now owns 3 of these fancy graphics calculators that need a pilots license to drive them: the one we bought him for Grade 9 Maths and these two – which he won as prizes (one each for the past 2 years) for winning (as one of a group of 4) the senior section of a Mathematical Modelling Forum Challenge competition his school hosts together with some schools from Singapore.

I’m hoping that you found something you liked with these 3 layouts – both in the different styles I have presented – and in the Technologic collection itself. It is definitely worth a closer look – being one of those ranges you really need to see in real life to appreciate, as computer screen images do not do it justice.

Technologic Newsletter Layout 2

For Deep Thought (another techie reference for us oldies) I went bold and bright. The base paper for this is the reverse side of  Barcode, a bright yellow paper with a small star pattern on it. Before I did anything else to it I grunged it up a bit with my trusty (and very old) Basic Grey file. The sandpaper might not be as fresh as it used to be, but it still gives good grunge. In doing along the paper edges I accidentally sandpapered in some creases – which only added to the affect rather than detracting from it – so I decided to work my layout out around making the most of the sandpapered bits.

 I simply popped 2 left over bits of patterned paper – Barcode and Abort – together and then added the photo. Abort is another awesome circuitry patterned paper – this time in orange and yellow. Just love them – so different from everything out there – and VERY good if you have science-nerdy kids like mine.

I’ve used another old Basic Grey chipboard alpha for the title – again keeping the inking to just a simple coat of Charcoal. The cog sticker is from the 12 x 12 sticker sheet (available in the collection pack only) and the number/barcode-ish pattern is one of the rubons from the range (also available in the collection pack only).

The strip of little robots and stripes is one of the manufacturer strips from along the bottom of the patterned paper – and I apologise – for the life of me I cannot work out which one it must have been. It’s very cute though – much better than just a strip of the striped paper alone.  The coloured brads next to it are very old Basic Grey ones from my stash. I’ve distressed the edges of most of the patterned papers with my file – keeping the grungy look to match that of the base paper.


 More of the same embellishments under the photo – the rest of the title, more brads and another paper strip. The cute die cut robot is from the Collectibles Pack (available in the collection pack only). This is probably my only disappointment in the range – it consisted of mostly robots (albeit in several shapes, colours and sizes), robots parts, strange old transistor radios, MP3 players, cogs and 5 very nice stars. All very good for boys – but – they were all very ‘little boy’ when the papers were more ‘big’ boy. I did find it hard to use the Collectibles – other than the stars – with my teens, but that is my ONLY gripe with the range – and all things considered, it is a small one.

This time the journalling is on a tag popped in behind the photo. I’ve used a spare bit of Barcode for the tag and added a small robot head to it on a pop dot. The title is both a reference to the photo and a snide homage to either/both of the computers of the same name. The star is from the Collectibles Pack, the cog sticker on it is from the 12 x 12 sticker sheet and the number/barcode-ish pattern underneath it is the rest of the rubon from the top of the page (all available in the collection pack only).

In designing the page, I tried to align the added elements with the distress marks made by the file: so the papers were aligned with the file marks on the left; the robot die cut was popped into the space between two file marks; the rubon at the top and bottom was slotted into spaces between file marks and the whole page was left relatively free of embellishment, so that they stood out and were obvious elements in the design.

There are two sections of punch-work on the layout and thoughts on punching (as used here) is another of the design tips I have added to the forum.

So there you are – about as much white space as you get from me in a layout and surprisingly I resisted the urge to add anything more. Well ok – I did try – but I took it all off again. 😉

Don’t forget to run into the store and take advantage of the 20% off selected Kaisercraft products – you have until the end of May (which is not far away now).






Technologic Newsletter Layout 1

And now for something completely different… (those of us that are old farts will know the reference). 🙂  This week we have some masculine layouts using the Kaiser Technologic range – which have some of the funkiest patterned papers I’ve seen for boys in a while. There isn’t much about for older boys at the moment, so I was pretty happy to get my hands on these.

The colours are generally bold and funky – bright orange, yellow, aqua-blue and red – with some contrasting neutrals – a dirty cream and charcoal. There are the obligatory cogs you see with most boy ranges, a huge range of robots (though surprisingly these are limited to ‘little’ boy designs), the odd star or two (another very popular boy theme) and an odd assortment of transistor radios (that’s what they look like), barcodes (which are way cute), numbers and some computer/keyboard type patterns. All very boyish and all far cry from my usual girly stuff to play with.

So play I did and hopefully what I am showing you here will tempt you to reconsider what I think is a VERY under-rated range.  I’ve also tried to scrap ‘outside my comfort zone’ with this range and produce something that although it looks like I did it – you have to ask whether I did or not. I’d love it if you could let me know whether that worked or not.

With Hear no Evil, I reduced the layout to its basic elements, creating a simple layout that relies on the patterned paper to make the statement. The base paper is the reverse of Reboot, which has this charcoal on charcoal pattern of tiny little cogs.  Over that are three layers of patterned paper.

 The first is this absolutely stunning (and I have to ask why this pattern/colour combination only appears in the 6.5 x 6.5 Paper Pad??, as it is just gloriously realistic – I’ve seen real circuit boards that look just like this) pale, greenish paper modelled on a circuit board. Over that is a section of Pixel (I love both sides of this paper) – with the random numbers pattern; and then a section of Barcode, showing the computer number printout (not sure what else it is supposed to be).

With that as the basis of my layout, there is only the need for a photo, title, some journalling and a few embellishments to complete a simple, but eye-catching layout.

Oh – just a warning to the unwary – don’t try using a fresh, black ink with this range. It really is better to use a Charcoal (a very dark grey) like I have, as the black will stand out very clearly, perhaps more than you would prefer.

I split my title above and below the photo – using some old Basic Grey chipboard alphas from my stash (Hip – for those who need to know). The thin, clean font style suited this range of papers well. In keeping with the simple theme, I’ve inked it with a combination of cream and dirty, off-white inks to try and match the numbers on the patterned paper below it.  Adding interest to the layout are a pair of stars stapled to the paper and a thin strip of Download (reverse side), left-over from another layout.

Around the outside of the layout I have stitched one of the patterns (for those that have asked – I’m calling it a frequency pattern, as it looks like a frequency graph – eg a noise frquency or a heatbeat) from the stamp set for this range using a contrasting thread. How to do this is one of 3 ”Tips” (one per layout) I have posted up in the forum.

For the journalling, I have gone back to a very old and favoured technique – and simply printed it out onto strips of patterned paper.  I’ve used another strip of Download (reverse side) – the dirty white colour and grid pattern of this paper make it very handy for journalling.


At the bottom of the layout is the rest of the title, another thin strip of Download (reverse side) and a section of sticker from the 12 x 12 sticker sheet (available in the collection pack only). To help make the sticker pattern show up more clearly, I popped a piece of the reverse side of Pixel under it. This is another awesomely patterned paper – if you look closely at it on the store page pop-up – you can see it has a drawing schematic on it – including part that is for a space shuttle design. Way cool. I have one teen begging me to do something for him that makes a feature of this for him. (Hmmmm – wonder if a layout about sending him off on a one-way shuttle flight to anywhere out there would count?)

And finally, there is this little cutie, that annoying little piece of technology we all know and love (well I will be honest and say I detest the horrid things) and which is the subject of this layout. This cute little wooden MP3 was just the perfect embellishment here. I’ve inked it in colours to match those on the layout – but you could paint it just as easily as well.

So there is not much to this layout compared to my usual work – but what is there is interesting and fills the page. With brightly colours papers like this – particularly ones that have such interesting patterns, you don’t need to add much to make a good layout.

So check it out in the store now – Mary has it on sale for 20% off (along with other selected Kaiser products) – and as a special for this week’s newsletter – purchase the Technologic Collection Pack and get a special rate on the purchase of the EK Success Robot Border Punch for $27.50 (usual price of $34.95).


MFT offer

The lovely Michelle has emailed me to say that for anyone who emails her here and mentions my name – she will do a pre-order discount of 10% off her – already low –  listed in-store prices (and they are low ladies – I’ve not found MFT dies cheaper in Australia) for any MFT dies available (some are out of stock at the supplier).

So take advantage of this very generous offer – as Michelle has re-stocks of a number of dies on their way over now. She is also running some spot specials – so browse through the store listings to see what she has.

MFT – Die-namics – Lace Doily die

On the last layout I used some new MFT Die-namics dies that I bought from Michelle at The Stamp Spot.  She has a huge range of stamps and MFT dies (amongst her other products) and she is my go-to lady whenever I want something like this.

Most of the people I see using these dies are card-makers – and I have to confess that these doily dies are the pefect way to showcase the stunning copic work that many stampers go in for these days. I’m neither a card maker nor a copic user – so as a 12 x 12 scrapper I need to make these dies work for me in other ways.

And work they do – they are just perfect for making pretty and interesting patterned paper elements on my page. Here, I’ve used a combination of 2 die sets to give me 3 matching doilies of different sizes.  In the close-ups above and below – I have used 2 different sizes overlaid on one another to provide a decorative interest for the layout. I’ve tucked the doilies under the photo edge and clustered other embellishments over them to partially obscure the doily. This way they provide a pretty, lacy frame around all the embellishments.

You can also use a single doily on its own to great effect – like I have done below. If you vary the colours and patterns you use, you can achieve some gorgeous effects.

 Sadly, the two dies I used on this layout – Dainty Doily Duo and Dainty Lace Doily – are both currently out of stock, but Michelle re-stocks on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for them when they come back in. More importantly – she has a huge range of these dies – so check out what she has and add them to your wish list. She currently has a huge range of Spellbinder dies as well and I’ve also heard that she is shortly going to be stocking Cheery Lynn dies too.


Prima Almanac and some my2angels pretties

Most of the scrapping I have done in the past couple of weeks is for the newsletter next week – so you won’t see them until then, but I managed to get this layout done for Tracy in-between boy layouts.

I love Almanac – I’m not totally sure I know what to do with it – but I love the peachy-pink and black of it. The butterflies, the damask patterns, the bird’s nests – just love it all. So classic. Putting this together has exhausted my most immediate ideas of what to do with it all though – (I do have some others, but I need to think about how to put them together before I tackle the next layout) – but I love the way the layout has turned out.

Anyway – the colours and paper patterns screamed out for a shaped layout with frame layers and stitching. That bit was the easy part.  I used Shaffer as the base paper – cutting it out into one of my favourite die cut shapes. Over this went a slightly smaller (I trimmed it down about 1cm – but this becomes wider when you then distress the edge) piece of Edison. This has to be my favourite paper in the range – so very pretty. A hand-stitched border in black thread and the base for the layout is all done.

I’ve gone for the ‘cluster’ approach as far as designing the layout goes. I had all these gorgeous embellishments – the roses, the cut out shapes, the larger blossoms and other bits and bobs. Underlying it all are some patterned paper doilies I cut using my new dies. I’ve been admiring them on other layouts in the blogosphere and wondering how they did them – and now I know. 😉

In the bottom left-hand corner of the layout I popped a patterned paper paper doily (I used the bottom damask strip from Edison) under the edge of the photo and then arranged my cluster of embellishments so that they took up most of the space on the doily and only the pretty lacy edges were showing. The small roses and the larger blossom are both from flower packs in the Almanac range. The peachy-pink small rose you see has been altered – the orginal one is cream – by the addition of some Tattered Rose Distress Ink applied with a brush to give it a deep colour. The larger flower has also been altered slightly – I’ve wiped the last of the Tattered Rose Distress Ink off the brush onto the petals to give them that interesing blotchy look.

The clock face has been cut out of the Edison paper and overlaid with an altered  clear cabochon. The design is a section of the previously mentioned bottom damask strip from Edison – I’ve just smeared some clear-drying glue onto the base of the glass cabochon (Tracy has a variety of sizes) and then popped it onto the section of pattern I wanted. When the glue is dry, simply cut around the cabochon and voila – you have an instant embellishment.

The plastic flowers/leaves are bits cut off a Prima vine and the black rhinestone flourishes are from Kaiser. The small beads and peach/black butterfly at the bottom of the cluster are an earring I bought from Big W (on sale) because I just KNEW it would be perfect for a scrapping layout (and at $3 for the pair it was a steal).

I love, love, love the metal flower. I ambushed Tracy and made her let me into her Embellishment Class a couple of weekends ago just so I could learn how to make one of these little beauties. (ok – I paid for my MIL to go to the class and then came with her as a surprise) I’m not going to spill the secret on how to make them – but they are way too easy once you know and oh so addictive to make.

The embellishment cluster at the top left of the photo has more of the same basic elements – with the addition of a couple of Almanac chipboard pieces. There are 2 patterned paper doilies this time – one of the pink reverse of Shaffer overlaid over a slightly larger one of the face side of Shaffer . Again, the larger Prima blossom has been inked with some Tattered Rose Distress Ink applied with a brush to give it a deep colour.

The chipboard alphas in the title are some old Heidi Swapp She alphas (soooo love them – am dreading when I finally run out). Because there is so much going on with all the damask pattens in the layout – I left these alphas pretty simple – only inking them with some Charcoal Colorbox Chalk Ink. I’ve applied more to some sections than others – to give it that slightly blotchy look you see.

The rub on section of the title is from a themed pack by Kaiser.

On the right hand side of the photo I put the main cluster of embellishments – again all the usual suspects are there. At the top went another pair of the doilies – I left a little more of them showing here. Over them I popped one of the chipboard stickers, which I then further embellished with a black rhinestone.

More of the Prima flowers from the Almanac range; more Kaiser flourishes and another altered cabochon. This time it made the pefect flower centre for the Prima blossom. Next to it I have placed a piece of cut up Antique Bronze Flower Filigree – placed like this it looks a bit leaf-like.

At the bottom of this close-up you can see another of the chipboard stickers.

At the bottom of the cluster there is another of those gorgeous ‘Tracy special’ flowers and one of the bee/pocket watch charms that I adore. The LOVE charm you see there was originally silver, but I altered it with a little Gesso and ink. It was a bit of a fail for its original purpose – but it did look super cute here.

The words laugh, dream, love are all cut out from the Edison patterned paper. I told you this one was a keeper. I got sooo much out of the two sheets I had of it. The bits of ‘ruler’ you see are also from that paper – as is the strip of patterned paper underneath them.

And I have to add just one more close-up – love the angle on this – it really makes 2 of my favourite embellishments pop – the blossom with its cabochon centre and one of those glorious Tracy metal flowers.

That’s probably it for me for new layouts until next week – when I have some Kaiser Technologic to share. Until then – check out my2angels and see what Tracy’s latest and greatest includes. (Hint: I finally got my wish and she has made some pins to sell – so run in and see if you can get them before I do.) 😉