Technologic Newsletter Layout 1

And now for something completely different… (those of us that are old farts will know the reference). 🙂  This week we have some masculine layouts using the Kaiser Technologic range – which have some of the funkiest patterned papers I’ve seen for boys in a while. There isn’t much about for older boys at the moment, so I was pretty happy to get my hands on these.

The colours are generally bold and funky – bright orange, yellow, aqua-blue and red – with some contrasting neutrals – a dirty cream and charcoal. There are the obligatory cogs you see with most boy ranges, a huge range of robots (though surprisingly these are limited to ‘little’ boy designs), the odd star or two (another very popular boy theme) and an odd assortment of transistor radios (that’s what they look like), barcodes (which are way cute), numbers and some computer/keyboard type patterns. All very boyish and all far cry from my usual girly stuff to play with.

So play I did and hopefully what I am showing you here will tempt you to reconsider what I think is a VERY under-rated range.  I’ve also tried to scrap ‘outside my comfort zone’ with this range and produce something that although it looks like I did it – you have to ask whether I did or not. I’d love it if you could let me know whether that worked or not.

With Hear no Evil, I reduced the layout to its basic elements, creating a simple layout that relies on the patterned paper to make the statement. The base paper is the reverse of Reboot, which has this charcoal on charcoal pattern of tiny little cogs.  Over that are three layers of patterned paper.

 The first is this absolutely stunning (and I have to ask why this pattern/colour combination only appears in the 6.5 x 6.5 Paper Pad??, as it is just gloriously realistic – I’ve seen real circuit boards that look just like this) pale, greenish paper modelled on a circuit board. Over that is a section of Pixel (I love both sides of this paper) – with the random numbers pattern; and then a section of Barcode, showing the computer number printout (not sure what else it is supposed to be).

With that as the basis of my layout, there is only the need for a photo, title, some journalling and a few embellishments to complete a simple, but eye-catching layout.

Oh – just a warning to the unwary – don’t try using a fresh, black ink with this range. It really is better to use a Charcoal (a very dark grey) like I have, as the black will stand out very clearly, perhaps more than you would prefer.

I split my title above and below the photo – using some old Basic Grey chipboard alphas from my stash (Hip – for those who need to know). The thin, clean font style suited this range of papers well. In keeping with the simple theme, I’ve inked it with a combination of cream and dirty, off-white inks to try and match the numbers on the patterned paper below it.  Adding interest to the layout are a pair of stars stapled to the paper and a thin strip of Download (reverse side), left-over from another layout.

Around the outside of the layout I have stitched one of the patterns (for those that have asked – I’m calling it a frequency pattern, as it looks like a frequency graph – eg a noise frquency or a heatbeat) from the stamp set for this range using a contrasting thread. How to do this is one of 3 ”Tips” (one per layout) I have posted up in the forum.

For the journalling, I have gone back to a very old and favoured technique – and simply printed it out onto strips of patterned paper.  I’ve used another strip of Download (reverse side) – the dirty white colour and grid pattern of this paper make it very handy for journalling.


At the bottom of the layout is the rest of the title, another thin strip of Download (reverse side) and a section of sticker from the 12 x 12 sticker sheet (available in the collection pack only). To help make the sticker pattern show up more clearly, I popped a piece of the reverse side of Pixel under it. This is another awesomely patterned paper – if you look closely at it on the store page pop-up – you can see it has a drawing schematic on it – including part that is for a space shuttle design. Way cool. I have one teen begging me to do something for him that makes a feature of this for him. (Hmmmm – wonder if a layout about sending him off on a one-way shuttle flight to anywhere out there would count?)

And finally, there is this little cutie, that annoying little piece of technology we all know and love (well I will be honest and say I detest the horrid things) and which is the subject of this layout. This cute little wooden MP3 was just the perfect embellishment here. I’ve inked it in colours to match those on the layout – but you could paint it just as easily as well.

So there is not much to this layout compared to my usual work – but what is there is interesting and fills the page. With brightly colours papers like this – particularly ones that have such interesting patterns, you don’t need to add much to make a good layout.

So check it out in the store now – Mary has it on sale for 20% off (along with other selected Kaiser products) – and as a special for this week’s newsletter – purchase the Technologic Collection Pack and get a special rate on the purchase of the EK Success Robot Border Punch for $27.50 (usual price of $34.95).



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