More Attitude! Mini Album pages

I’ve just managed to squeak in for the last of July with 3 more mini album pages using Kaiser’s Attitude! range.  July was Boy month at my2angels and I’ve had loads of fun playing with the Attitude! Collection.

For my first page I’ve used the reverse side of Individual. Over this, as a feature element, I added a panel from Prank – tucking most of it under the photo – but leaving the most decorated part of it showing.  The photo of my three terrors was matted with one of the sheets from the 6.5″ Paper Pad – which is also where I found the scalloped strip along the bottom of the page.

 Along the right edge of the photo mat I punched a border strip using my trusty old Threading Water punch and then threaded a length of Ball and Chain through it. At the end of the chain I popped on one of Tracy’s Soccer Sports Shirt Charm’s and a  Rugby/Football Sports Boot Charm – as soccer is a sport all my boys enjoy.

Using a left-over star I had die cut from another of the sheets from the 6.5″ Paper Pad, I created  a small embellishment cluster by combining it with a die cut shape from the Collectibles Die Cuts pack and a small Black Metal Textured Star. I added a couple more of those stars randomly over the page to finish it off.

The next page is part of a double. They are facing pages and I had similar photos of the two older boys (actually it is one photo of them sitting back to back which I split into two), so I thought I would make them similar in style so that they complemented one another. This is the left-hand page – with a photo of my middle son.

The base of the page is the reverse of Trouble. This was actually a remnant from a previous layout – and doesn’t have a huge amount of pattern on it – so using it here on a mini album where the photo will cover most of the empty space is a good idea.  

I die-cut the star from my last scrap of the reverse side of Individual and it is popped over the top of one of the larger pieces from the Collectibles Die Cuts  pack. The crown is part of a border from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet, whilst the circle element has been trimmed from one of the circle designs on Individual.  Finishing off that embellishment cluster is an inked chipboard cog from my stash, a piece of Black Mesh , a Silver Metal Textured Star and a silver Boys Caps charm.

Lol on the cap charm – this is the son who usually has one of those caps glued to his head. He used to sleep with his favourite one on when he was little. Sigh – I lost count of the number of times I threw the very first one out into the bin when it was sadly past its wear-by date. Now he is deleriously happy, as his favourite cap is a corporate one of Hubby’s company – and the boss has assured him there are boxes and boxes of them all waiting for him to wear. *roll eyes* Men!!!!

The comment – it’s not really a title – uses the alpha stickers from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet.

To finish off the page, I’ve cut up some small bits of Black Mesh  and added them here and there around the page. Then I cut a chipboard cog into two and added each half with a Silver Metal Textured Star over the mesh in a couple of spots. This keeps the embellishments simple – yet interesting – and allows you to focus on the photo without distraction.

The matching page is a photo of my eldest son in a mirror pose to DS2. I’ve kept to similar colours for this page too – though there is some green that was missing in the first page.

The base paper for the page is a panel from What’s Up? I have been hoarding for use on the mini album. The panel is slightly larger than the mini album page – so I have had to trim one end a little. Over this I have popped a panel from Prank  that I trimmed down to the base die cut element – and this is tucked under the photo on one side and raised with pop dots on the other. In tucking it under the photo, I cut into the scroll at the bottom to allow the photo to be tucked behind the scroll, but in-front of the main part of the die cut.  This helps to make the page elements feel more integrated – as if it were always meant to be this way – rather than just put together.

The comment – again – it’s more of an observation than a title – uses the alpha stickers from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet.

To finish off the page I’ve made a couple more dog tags – one from scrap paper (I’m not exactly sure which patterned paper this came from, as I think it was a left-over bit from one of the panel sections I cut up for something)  and the other from a die cut chipboard piece from the Collectibles Die Cuts  pack. There’s a random bit of Black Mesh  and a Silver Metal Textured Star as well – with the ever useful  Ball and Chain.

To repeat the crown motif from the die cut panel, I added a crown sticker from the 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet and a rubon from the matching rubon collection.

So there you have it – 3 more pages from my ever-growing Attitude! mini album. I have another half dozen or so in the pipeline – so I’ll pop back with them when I get a chance.

Tracy says Attitude! restocks are due VERY soon (hopefully today) – which is good – as I have finally run out of some of the pages and most of the useful letters from the sticker page. So race me to the store for them… 🙂


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