New Flowers at my2angels

Oh my goodness – Spring has come early to my2angels!!

After unpacking this little lot it was like Tracy was living in a garden  surrounded by a riot of colours and blooms.

First up, we have…

New Colour Combinations for our popular Gardenias 

 Our beloved Gardenias now come in new colour combination packs.

Choose from Olive and Brown,

Burgundy and Brown


 Red and Black.


7mm Rose Buds 

Stunning new rosebuds – you will just love our new Rose Buds – in a range of gorgeous colours. These are MUCH bigger than our previous rose buds and I am sure you will agree that that one bunch will just not be enough.

You will find them in the roses section. 


Cherry Blossoms 

 We have also expanded our range of flowers with delicate Cherry Blossoms.

Gorgeous two-tone combinations

in shades of purple/ green, lilac/cream, tangerine/yellow, pink/white, wine red/cream and basic white.


We also have additional new colours in our roses

and stemmed flowers ranges – including 

and our large roses are back in stock – including our new Large Blue Roses.


So grab a floral bunch or two and check out the flower section for your own Spring bouquet.




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