Twiddleybitz and Fairy Belle – a match made in shabby chic heaven

So here it is – my first, official Twiddleybitz layout. ūüôā

Apologies it is so late – but a spontaneous holiday to Hotham (I have a sore, but deleriously happy Hubby and some equally happy kids) ūüôā and no internet, has made this post somewhat later than I intended.

More than a little bit excited about¬†getting it finished¬†– just wish the layout had turned out that bit more like what was in my head than it did. ūüė¶¬† Not that I’m complaining (yeah well, I am aren’t I?) – I am very happy with it, it’s just that it is not quite what I intended it to be.

It’s a bit hard to say where this layout started. The photo… the chippy… or the papers. Actually – it probably started with the previous layout – one that used the same/similar papers from the Fairy Belle range, but in a very structured, formal way. I wanted to use these gorgeous papers in a more messy, unstructured¬†and shabby approach. I love the combination of the grey, white, peachy-pink and cream – they’re such pretty, soft colours together. I know that Fairy Belle has plenty of other colours in the rest of the collection – but it was these softer, shabbier colours that really called to me.

I had a special set of photos that I wanted to scrap with the Fairy Belle collection.  Madame has recently completed her first ever ballet exam and I tried to use my horrid new Canon 7D (yes РI am still struggling with it) to record the practice session she had the weekend before the exam. I like to joke with my family that the Russian Mafia use her ballet lessons as a front for money laundering Рwe have to pay everything in cash and never get to see the kids doing their lessons. So for 8 months now I have been assuming she is learning ballet Рwithout being really sure Рsince I have never been allowed to see her doing it. So the open house for the exam rehearsal was a momentous occasion for the whole family. I ALMOST got some gorgeous photos. Sigh. I may one day use them Рbut for the moment they remain another of the tragic failures of my 7D. 

To make up for my disappointment¬†I ran my own practice session with Madame at home and attempted to recreate some of the beautiful facial expressions and visual grace that we saw at her rehearsal. I can live with my ‘created’ memories – it was the mood and intensity of feeling that I wanted to capture anyway. The haunting, ethereal and delicate look to the photos demanded soft, feminine papers and the Fairy Belle ones were perfect.

So with all this in mind Рand some beautiful Twiddleybitz chippy РI got to work on Dream. The base paper for the layout is the reverse side of Summer Dream, which has a lovely, soft grey and white pattern. This was given a light misting with some Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist. Just enough to give the entire page a light shimmer. Then I inked along the edges with some Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink. The rest of the page consists of some pizza-box (corregated cardboard), 3 of the same journalling card from the Notecards pouch, a piece of La Spa  (left over from another project) and several pieces of the glorious Marcelle (I just love this beautiful pink and white patterned paper).

To create the page, I simply layered all the bits together Рpoking and prodding, pushing and pulling them around, until I was happy with the way they looked. The pizza-box has been gessoed, then given a coat of Shabby Pink Embossing Enamel from Stampendous and has been finished off by having the edges inked with some Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink.

I love, love, love this new embossing enamel Рit gives such a stunning, shabby chic look to your chippy (and anything else you apply it to). There are small spots of white and blotches of gold on the pale pink that make it very visually interesting.

In the top left hand corner of the layout you can see one of my favourite chippies from Twiddleybitz. I adore their steampunk range and this one is the Flying Butterfly Clock – Steam (SPK002). I’ve chopped it into two in order to make sure that you can see all of it – and the other half is in the opposite corner of the layout. To get the effect you see¬† – I’ve applied a coat of Aged Ivory Embossing Powder (also from Stampendous) and then whilst that was hot and tacky, I added a sprinkle of Shaved Ice fragments (yet more yumminess from Stampendous) and heat gunned the whole lot. Check out how it looks in this close up.

Next to the butterfly is half a Steampunk Blossom (SPK009)¬†– which has also been given the same embossing/icing treatment. Actually – I love this new look so much, it was a miracle that everything that didn’t move fast enough wasn’t given the embossing/icing treatment. I did try hard though – and can I just warn you that a) watch the contents of your pot carefully – spilling your ice shavings all over the carpet of your scrap room is NOT recommended (insert big-eye icon here) and b) give up on the idea of keeping it confined to your scraproom, it’s worse than loose glitter. Let’s just say my Hubby has a permanent gleam about him at the moment and is not amused. Madame though is deliriously happy – her hair has such a lovely sparkle to it now that all her school friends are jealous.

Next to the butterfly¬†are some of the small roses from the Charme’ Rose pack (oos)¬†and an Antique Rose¬†rhinestone swirl from Kaiser. The small glass embellishment you can see, is one I made from a clear glass cabochon glued onto a small¬†scrap of La Spa¬†. The Prima flower is¬†(Fleur de Lys)¬†from my stash¬†– it’s from the winter CHA 2012 – but that is as much as I can remember, since I have long tossed out the package. The piece of filagree metal that¬†I am using as a leaf for it is also from my stash. Again, I’ve had that awhile, so I am not sure where I got it from now.

In the other top corner¬†is this lovely ballerina that I fussy cut from the En Pointe paper. Aside from being Madame’s favourite one from the range, (because she is dancing en pointe of course) she is also the prettiest one. Not sure why most of them have such ugly faces – but this one is pretty.

To the left of the ballerina is a small Antique Bronze filigree cross that I have cut one section out of to use as a corner element for a piece of patterned paper.

Above¬†the ballerina is the Mini Chandelier from Twiddleybitz (CH002).¬† I’ve used this chandelier a number of times before – but I have to admit that the embossing/ice treatment does make this one the prettiest I have done. At night – with the lights on – it sparkles like a lit up Christmas tree.

You can also see that on the pizza-box I added a little ripped up muslin fabric. I teased it out to get the fibres all loose and messy and then I added it to the pizza-box before I added all the embossing powder. So it is coated with that too. It’s a bit hard to see in the photo – but it is all shimmery too.

Underneath the ballerina, I’ve popped the rest of the Flying Butterfly Clock – Steam (SPK002) from Twiddleybitz. There is also a small cluster of the roses from the Charme’ Rose pack (oos) and another of the hand-made cabochons. The larger of the roses in this cluster has been¬†altered with Cherry Blossom Glimmer Mist – to give the originally cream flower a bit more colour. With everything else so pale on the layout, I needed something with a bit more zing to brighten it up a bit.

That’s my favourite journalling card from the¬†Notecards pouch – and it was the perfect touch of ‘cream’ that I needed to make the creamy tones in my photo blend in with the papers on the layout. If you are going to use your journalling cards like this – all layered with other papers – consider trimming them down so that you can use them to their maximum potential. I totally forgot that I was using 3 simply as ‘placers’ for the positions I wanted them to be in – and so I didn’t trim them like I should have. Essentially I wasted one that I could have taken out – because one of them could have been cut up and used in 2 spots. Oh well – I will remember next time.

The ‘golden’ rose is a cream one from the Charme’ Rose pack (oos) that has been given a light misting with some Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist. For leaves, it has half a small Antique Bronze filigree cross.

The bottom left corner of the layout has another small cluster of embellishments that includes several roses from the Charme’ Rose pack (oos), the last of the hand-made cabochons, an Antique Rose rhinestone flourish (Kaiser) and the Dream trinket from the Vintage Trinkets ¬†pack. The trinket is standing in for the title of the layout – I tried several other approaches and none of them looked any good – so I stuck with the small and simple word in the trinket.

So there it is – my very first Twiddleybitz layout. I’m so excited to finally have something to share with you all.

Just a reminder РMary is trekking her way through parts of Europe for the next 3 months and all sales at Ideal Papercraft are suspended for this time. Whilst she is away though, Michele and I have all sorts of fun planned for you and I hope you will join us in the forum for games, chatter and scrappy challenges. Over the next month or so we are playing with making mini albums Рand I hope you can join us in making one yourself.


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