While the cats away competition at Ideal Papercraft


I’m Basement Kitteh and if you are a regular visitor to our Forum, you will know that together with my lolcat friends, I visit every Monday to bring you poor humans some weekly cheer.

Life down in the Basement was getting a little boring, so whilst the Boss is off in Europe – we Kittehs have taken over the forum. I meant to take over last month – but it’s so hard to get good minions these days, that it has taken until now for the rebellion to take control.

Anyway – for the month of October – I have put Mary’s DT to work creating mini albums. It’s too hard for me to fit those 12 x 12’s comfortably in my furry paws – so something smaller is what I want to see.

Since I like Ngaire’s boys so much (there is much of the dark force in them) – she has started with some pages from a mini album about them. Throughout October, every couple of days or so, either she or Michele will add in a new page or two for you to see.

They will come from a variety of shapes, sizes and types of mini album and will showcase different types of albums, as much as they show different techniques and ways of making mini album pages.

Throughout November there will still be mini pages – but the focus there will be on using mists and sprays and in getting your creative groove on. We kittehs love our mists and paints – there is nothing ‘so fun’ as getting your paws all messy.

Where do you come in? Aside from giving me your soul at some point and the odd scratch under the chin or two (small fishy treats are appreciated as well)  – I want you to make a mini album of your own.

Cause every cat has them.  😉

1. The mini album may consist of any style or size – but MUST contain a minimum of 6 pages and a set of covers (back and front).
2. Every page must show some aspect (from Ngaire or Michele’s work) that you have been inspired to use. It might be a technique, product or design (eg use the original page as a sketch) – and you need to be able to state what the inspiration was.
3. The mini needs to be fully uploaded to the gallery by midnight Caturday November 24th 2012. (this gives Mary the chance to unpack before having to help out with the judging)
4. The overall prize is a generous store voucher – redeemable when Mary gets home in November.
5. There are prizes each week for that weeks submission – and these will vary from week to week – and both I and Ceiling Cat reserve the right to offer bonus incentives as well.
6. Each week you may submit one page (both sides) of your mini album to be in the running for the weekly prize. Submission into the gallery is due by midnight Caturday of that week. The first week submissions are due is the 13th of October (page 1).
7. If you have a blog or use your facebook page to share your scrapping – you will need to post your mini pages there and identify that they are part of our competition.

You don’t have to put a page up every week to be in the overall competition – but you will miss out on the chance to win that ‘weekly’ prize.

As the ‘store’ is not open for business during this time – it is ok if your mini album uses products not available from Ideal Papercraft.

If you are interested in joining in our little Competition – please add your name to the list here. Any questions can be posted here and either Ceiling Cat or I will get back to you as soon as we can (typing with your paws is very time consuming – my claws keep hitting the wrong key).

We’d love for you to join in with us.


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