Fairy Belle Layout 2

I’ve been holding on to this layout for several months now. Poor thing – languishing away in the corner unloved. Now that Mary is back from her exciting overseas journey and has settled back into mudane Australian life, I can share it with you.

Fairy Belle – by Prima – is a range that I consider to be sadly under-recognised. There are few layouts out there that I think do justice to this range – though I have seen some lovely OTP’s that use it. Which is rather sad, when you consider how pretty it is.

The colours range from neutral greys, creams and browns, through to soft pinks and baby blues. There are plenty of flowers, some dragon-/butterflies, and the odd doily pattern or two – but the dominant theme is the ballerina/fairies that are the feature of most of the ‘A’ sides of the papers.

Having a large ‘focus’ item in a paper pattern can be daunting and often scrappers are reluctant to use the paper, because they don’t want to ‘spoil’ it. The trick to using papers such as this though,  is to ignore the placement of the ‘fairies’ and to cut them out to use wherever you want them. With this in mind, I created two layouts that have the fairy as a focal point – but used outside of their original position on the paper. For further interest, although I have used papers with similar colouring – the scrapping styles are very different.

She…, is the first of the two layouts and has a very structured design. The base paper for the layout is the reverse side of La Ronde. Over this I popped a section of brown cardstock and then a cut down piece of Marcelle, making a feature of the gorgeous flower/dragonfly corner. To provide a little contrast, I’ve finished off the edges of these papers in a variety of ways, alternating between inking and distressing.


Here’s a close-up of that gorgeous patterned paper. In some ways, the entire layout has been created to focus on two strips of this Marcelle paper – this corner and another piece left over from trimming this first bit. The ‘she’ which forms the first part of the title is a stamp applied to a scrap of La Spa.  The delicate butterfly is one of the Martha Stewart punches Mary got in awhile back.


Off-centre to the photo is a piece of what is my favourite paper in this range – the stunning (and very pink) La Spa. It’s almost too pretty a paper to cut up. In the corner of this paper is an Antique Bronze filigree corner I’ve had in my stash for awhile. The chipboard frame is the Baroque Frame (oos) by Dusty Attic. The finish you can see on it is a simply stunning embossing powder I’ve had hiding in my stash.


The bottom half of the layout has been designed around the other strip of Marcelle paper, which has this very pretty rosebud on one end. Sections of pattern that are not very interesting are tucked under the photo – but the very pretty ends of the strip are left visible. Inking the edges a dark, contrasting colour (brown) allows this piece to stand out from the rest of the layout and focus attention on the paper designs.


Intertwined around the chipboard frame is the very pretty Pixie Vine (oos) from Prima. Here and there I added some pretty flowers sent to me by the lovely Maggie, one of our forum regular’s. The fairy ballerina was cut out from the La Spa paper and carefully tucked into the flower vine/chipboard frame.


In the bottom right-hand corner of the layout, I added a collection of small, pretty items – there were a couple of leaves and roses from the Charme’ Pack (oos); half a Bronze Filigree flower; a Bronze Ballet dress/shoes charm; a glass cabochon I’d made myself from a bit of  La Spa paper; and several cut up bits from the Fairy Belle pearl/rhinestone flourish. The larger flower to the left of the image is one of the Vinetta flowers released with this range. I swapped the pearl in the centre for another glass cabochon. For the life of me I cannot remember who made the alphas – they’ve been in my stash for a very long time. I simply inked them a dark brown so that they would stand out from the rest of the layout.


The left side of the chipboard frame was positioned carefully to focus attention on the lovely rosebud next to it. I think the greys, pinks, creams and darker browns here work really well together.


This image gives you a close-up of the stunning finish to the Stampendous Embossing Enamel I used with the chipboard frame – it’s just so pretty.


Sadly, after a number of wonderful years, the demands of her other business mean that Mary will be closing Ideal Papercraft soon  – so run in and grab some Fairy Belle for yourself and some other wonderful bargains in her closing down sale. You won’t be disappointed with this very pretty range and you will LOVE her closing down specials.


Twiddleybitz Shadowbox

Last month I found myself the proud parent of a 21 year old. I’m not sure where all the years went to so fast – but it was a good opportunity to pull out the Kaiser Attitude! papers and a couple of Twiddleybitz products. I had my eye on the Plain Shadowbox kit (SBP003) and 6 Frame Chicken Mesh Overlay (OVO12) – I just needed to work out how to combine them.

The Shadowbox itself is easy enough to put together – the instructions are very clear – but I recommend avoiding making one when the weather is very damp/humid. I started this one just as the very wet period in Jan started up here in Qld – and it was exceedingly hard to get the chipboard to dry well.

Whether you cover the frame before you start or after, depends on how you intend the finished product to look. If you are painting or inking it – then do so before you construct the frame. If you are going to be covering it with patterned paper – then it is often easier to make the frame and then cut the paper to suit.

I wanted mine inked to start with – so I inked all of it with Black Soot Distress Ink  first and then glued it all together.


Before I glued the sides on – I stamped them with my Kaiser Graffiti stamp using a white ink from my stash. It’s a shame you don’t really get to see much of the stamping – but it does look cool when you do.

I’ve obviously spent way too much time at Tracy’s – I was compelled to make a frame from an old pizza box for the front of the Shadowbox. Once this was done, I sprayed the pizzabox frame with Burnt Red Glimmermist and then rubbed some black ink (Black Soot again) randomly here and there to grunge it up a little.

Then I ripped some bits of Dude up and after inking the edges black, I glued them here and there around the frame, to make the frame look even older and more tattered. For inside the frame – I carefully cut out a piece of the dark and grungy reverse side of Individual and popped that across the back wall.

Then came the ‘Boys will be Boys’ panel from What’s Up – and this was mounted onto some folded bits of pizzabox so that it sits about mid-depth in the frame. The photo is mounted straight onto this panel and appears to be ‘floating’ in the middle of the Shadowbox.

On the bottom left corner of the Shadowbox I added part of the 6 Frame Chicken Mesh Overlay (OV012). I’ve had this for awhile now – and although I stuggled with what to do with it as a whole piece – I have no end of ideas for it in pieces. 🙂

I deliberately let the Black Soot Distress Ink soak in a bit to the chipboard on this one and left the colour so that it looks a little washed out and faded. It just adds to the interest factor. The cogs over it are from the Sprocket Set (TRA008) also inked – the green one is Olive Colorbox with Black Soot smudges; the small one is Black Soot (just more heavily applied); and  the umber coloured one is a combination of several unknown Colorbox inks with a coating of Black Soot Distress Stickles.

The Lightbulb (SPK014) is one of my favourite steampunk designs from Twiddleybitz. I love it to bits and plan to use it whenever and where-ever I can. Here, I’ve just inked it with a silver ink – that’s all it needs really.

I finished off the chippy cluster with some Tim Holtz Gears and Game Spinners and a Steampunk Cog Silver Charm. I grunged up the silver charm first with some Oil Slick Glimmerglaze and used my heat gun to set it.

Now I have a lovely hodge-podge of textures and colours. Having the chippy set against the Chicken Wire Frame like this not only makes it all stand out, it also makes it very easy to attach to the Shadowbox.


Across the top of the Shadowbox I popped a Twiddleybitz Steampunk Gear Border (SPK008). I’ve embellished it the same way as the gears/cogs on the bottom of the Shadowbox. The only addition is a reddish ink on a couple of the gears.


On the right-hand side I added another frame from the 6 Frame Chicken Mesh Overlay (OVO12). The broken bits of chicken wire add a nicely ‘aged and broken’ feel to the embellishments. The ‘so very proud of you’ is part of a die cut panel from What’s Up. There’s another Lightbulb (SPK014) as well – just because they are so awesome.


The finishing touch is this small Silver 21 Birthday Charm – which has also been grunged with Oil Slick Glimmerglaze.


Apologies to SE Qld – every time I go to do something with this OTP it rains. Making it took weeks thanks to the last lot of floods we got. Then trying to take photos of it produced more rain. I might hide it in the cupboard for a while so that we can get some dry weather.  😉

You’ll notice that the chicken wire frames are arranged so that they are above and below the level of the Shadowbox. This was done deliberately – but only because I planned for it to sit on the metal frame you see in the photo.

So hopefully you will look at your overlays with new eyes now – you don’t have to keep them in one piece to use them – just like everything else they can be cut up and used in ways their maker might not have thought of.

Imagination – it’s your only limit.