Twiddleybitz is the word…

This month for Twiddleybitz, we are promoting the many and varied chipboard words that they have on offer. To start the month rolling, I had a play with the word “Treasure” (WOR046) and some of the yummy papers that are part of the gorgeous 75 cents range from Kaiser.

Madame blessed me with with a “want to take some photos?” moment last weekend – and in the 10 minutes of grace I was given, I managed to snag some beauties. After mucking about with them on photoshop I knew I had the perfect photos for both my treasure word and 75 cents.

I have to admit – Kaiser regularly come out with some shockers – but when they come out with stunning ranges like  75 cents – I tend to forgive them their less than stellar releases. Like Pickled Pear (another great release), the  75 cents range has a vintage feel to it. Soft, muted colours, mixed with floral patterns, butterflies, a quirky domino pattern and vintage labels – all combine to give  75 cents a wide ranging appeal. I love the soft turquoise colour they’ve matched with charcoal and a variety of soft, muted browns.

My base paper for Treasure is Guinea – which is probably the highlight paper for the range. I really wanted a lot of it to show in the final layout – so the only contrast I’ve done is to make a small distressed-edge frame out of the chevron side of Tuppence. To save on sheets of patterned paper – I did this by cutting out the middle of my base sheet of Guinea  and then overlaying that over the piece of Tuppence. That way I only needed to use 2 sheets and not 3. I also made sure to keep my frame smaller than the lovely edge pattern on Guinea  – as I knew I wanted to make a feature of that pattern later.


On the bottom left of the layout I added some fussy-cut flowers from the Penny paper. These not only filled the blank space next to the photo – they also flowed out to the left edge of the page where there is a pretty edge pattern. Doing this helps to make the layout flow around the page and it also helps to blend the different layers/elements on the page together.

Under the cut-out flowers is a Kaiser stamp – Remember this Moment – which I inked with black Stazon Ink. I love these small stamps they put out. They’re easy on the budget and fit into small spaces well.


Moving up the left side of the layout, we come to one of my all-time favourite Twiddleybitz pieces. This is their Flying Butterfly Clock (SPK002) – part of their Steampunk collection. I’ve used it on a number of layouts now and it never gets old. This time I inked it with Wild Honey Distress Ink, before spraying it with Iridescent Gold Glimmermist. Then I dried it with my heat gun and randomly re-applied more Wild Honey Distress Ink. This gives it the mottled appearance you see – but at the same time the whole thing is shimmery and sparkly.

Leaving the butterfly chipboard whole makes it too ‘in your face’ – so to lessen the impact a little, I added some more fussy cut flowers from Penny . The largest grouping has been mounted on a pop-dot, with the other pieces tucked in underneath it. This allowed me to add a little depth to this part of the layout and also to control the size of the flower cluster.


In the top left corner of the layout I added another cluster of fussy cut flowers from Penny . Again, some of them are popped up on glue dots for dimension. This time I combined the cluster with another Kaiser stamp – Textured Stamp Arty – which was also stamped with black Stazon ink.

Next to the flower cluster is a small chipboard butterfly from Twiddleybitz. I’ve actually cut up one of their small corner pieces so I could get this butterfly. The original Butterfly Corner (COR006) is just gorgeous (so it was a shame to cut it up), but I only wanted the individual butterflies. I did keep the rest of the corner for later use though. All the chipboard on this layout has the same finish – I wanted a uniform look to it.


Layered behind the photo is a series of layers of patterned papers. I started with a cream and brown patterned paper – Sovereign – which was inked black along the edges. Over that went a contrasting section of the reverse side of Dime. The third layer is actually a die cut panel from Pound  (it’s the one on the middle left edge). I cut it into two so that I could use it on both sides of the photo. The majority of it is the piece on the right – the one you can see here is only a small corner strip.

The paper layers were laid on an angle to one another so that you could see bits of each layer here and there. Over the layers I added some die cut butterflies from the Collectibles pack. One of them is a journalling tag and I have added a short message to my daughter on that one.


On the right-hand side of the photo I added more fussy cut flowers from Penny  and another small chipboard butterfly from Twiddleybitz. Underneath that is the bulk of the journalling die cut from Pound . Rather than journal on it, I stamped yet another Kaiser textured stamp – 36 which has a pattern on it that matches in well with the 75 cents range. The butterfly and ‘memories’ tag both come from the Collectibles pack.


I love this new trinket from my2angels – Tracy has been very clever and her latest addition to the Charming Chains collection is the Charming Rose Chain Design. I stole one of the Daughter Charming Rose Chains and modified it a little (the original rose colour options are brown, pink and purple – none of which suit this layout) and added another Twiddleybitz butterfly to finish it off.


Finally, we come to the highlight of the layout. I’ve stamped behind the chipboard title with the KaiserTextured Stamp Arty – as this acts as a foil for the title. Then I glued the Twiddleybitz  “Treasure” (WOR046) title on. When that was secure, I randomly dotted around it with my Tombow glue and sprinkled Creamy Latte Sugar Beads all over, brushing off the ones that didn’t adhere.

Voila – all done – and doesn’t it look stunning? (even if I do say so myself)


Sometimes you are lucky enough to get a perfect photo, which you can match to the perfect paper range to go with it. And then you can be blessed with just the right inspiration to make all of it

Sometimes, just sometimes, you find the perfect paper range to go with the perfect photo, just when you are blessed with the right inspiration and it all just falls into place. This is one of those times for me. When I look back at the end of the year at the layouts I have done in 2013 – I am sure that this will still be one of my favourites.


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  1. This is GORGEOUS in every way……. love what you did on the chippy’s they look great…………..

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