Twiddleybitz Gate Mini Album (Tutorial) Part 4

Not sure what happened with these last posts – they disappeared completely from my blog and I didn’t even notice. I lost another couple of ‘in progress’ photos for this page too – so we start with the page covered in a section of pattern from the Pistachio paper.

I added the photo so that most of the lovely pattern along the right edge and top was still visible. To complement the black butterflies on the patterned paper, I added this lovely Twiddleybitz Butterfly Ornate Corner (COR007) – I have altered this – in that all but one of the small butterflies was cut off the end of the corner (you will see them pop up later on other pages). The chippy medium is Black Kindyglitz left to dry naturally.


Here’s a close-up of the chippy so you can see how cool the Black Kindyglitz looks.


Underneath the photo I tucked a strip of black lace die cut from the Collectibles pack.


To hide the end of the lace strip and to add some dimension and interest, I cut out a butterfly from the patterned paper and popped that over the same butterfly element on the page.


Then I made a small tag using scraps from the Pistachio paper and a bit of black crinkle ribbon.


After popping the tag underneath the photo, I added one final touch – a small hand cut butterfly to the piece of leaf (in the photo) that my daughter was looking at.


Continuing on – we come to the cool shaped pages in the album. Again I’ve inked around the edges of the chipboard before covering it with patterned paper. This time I’ve used the Chartreuse paper.

I find the easiest way to add patterned paper over a shaped chipboard is to trace the shape onto the paper and then trim it down before gluing it on. Then you can just use a bit of sandpaper to ‘clean’ the edges a little of any overhanging bits.


Just to add some interest – before gluing the paper down I stitched a border around it with some cream thread. I used my Tim Holtz ruler along the straight edges, which is why they look so neat and hand punched the holes along the curved edge.


To build up the layers on this page I started with part of a tag (it was left over from another page) from the Collectibles pack. Over this I popped a partially circular shape I cut from the reverse side of Chartreuse.


At the bottom of the page I added another tag element from the Collectibles pack – this time it is pop-dotted for dimension.


A few bits of leaf/flower die cut – also from the Collectibles pack – and this page is really starting to take shape. The small pattern on the background paper doesn’t really do anything for me – so the trick is to use it’s ‘darkness’ as a foil for the other elements you pop onto the page.


One of my favourite elements of the Collection pack is the selection of cards with a word list – this one adds a pop of colour to the middle of the page and helps to hide some of the dark background paper.


And now for the finishing elements – two gorgeous Twiddleybitz butterflies. The smaller butterfly comes from the Butterfly Ornate Corner (COR007) (I just cut it off the end of the one from the previous page) and the larger butterfly is one from the Butterfly Mix Bag of 3 (BUT001).

To get that gorgeous sparkly colour, the chippy has a coat of gold ink with some Diamond Dust sprinkled over it.

I do have to admit that at this point I wasn’t quite happy with this page – it needed something else, I just wasn’t sure what – it was ‘almost’ done. So I put it to one side to finish the other half whilst I hoped for inspiration to strike.


The small circular page got the same treatment as the other side – and I do have to confess that punching all the holes in this one was a pain. You can see the stitching isn’t quite what it should be.


Here’s the other half of the Collectibles tag from the matching page. I loved the tag – but it was too big to use on the small pages in this mini and also have other elements with it. When this happens I often cut the tag into pieces so that I can use them in multiple places or feature specific parts of them. This time I really only wanted the thin edge of the tag to offset another element in the page design.


So here is the other element I wanted the tag fragment to offset -a lovely flower cluster from the Collectibles pack.


Over that I popped the full tag with it’s gorgeous butterfly pattern and sweet sentiment. To finish the page I added a small flower from my stash – the ones I have been using throughout the mini.


And here are the two completed pages together. As you can see, I finally did have an inspiration and added a small section of a gold/white floral die cut from the Collectibles pack to the top of the word tag. The bright colour supports the gold of the butterflies and adds a bit of colour pop to the page.



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